ch final sentences

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  1. The witch flies on a broom.
  2. We baked a batch of cookies.
  3. Let's go to the beach.
  4. They sat on the bench.
  5. Birch trees are pretty.
  6. Put bleach into the washer.
  7. The branch broke and fell.
  8. She wore a broach.
  9. What's for brunch?
  10. Can you catch that ball?
  11. My coach helps me.
  12. She's sleeping on the couch.
  13. He must use a crutch.
  14. Don't step in the ditch.
  15. Each person did their best.
  16. Go fetch the bone.
  17. Ben takes French lessons.
  18. When will the bird hatch?
  19. I have an itch.
  20. They will march in line.
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