chemistry vocab review

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  1. Representative Element
    an element in an "A" group, as a group these elements display a wide range of physical and chemical properties. In their atoms, the s and p sublevels in the highest occupied energy level are partially filled
  2. Electronegativity
    the ablity of an atom to attract electrons when the atom is in a compound
  3. Atomis radius
    one-half the distance between the nuclei of two atoms of the same element when the atoms are joined
  4. Metals
    one of a class of elements that are good conductors of heat and electric current, tend to be ductile, malleable, and shiny
  5. ionization energy
    the energy required to remove an electron from an atom in its gaseous state
  6. cation
    any atom or group of atoms with a positive charge
  7. noble gases
    an element in group 8A, the s and p sublevels of the highest occupied energy level are filled
  8. Akali Metal
    any metal in group 1A
  9. nonmetals
    an element that tends to be a poor conductor of heatr and electic current; generally have properties opposite of metals
  10. ion
    an atom that has a positive or negative charge
  11. transistion metal
    highest occupied s sublevel and a nearby d level generally contain electrons
  12. halogen
    any nonmetal in group 7a
  13. anion
    any atom or group of atoms with a negative charge
  14. atomic radius trend
    • across: Decrease
    • Down: Increase
    • (Snowman in bottom left hand corner)
  15. ionization energy trend
    • across:Increase
    • Down: decrease
    • (snowman in top right hand corner)
  16. Electronegativity trend
    • across: increase
    • Down: Decrease
    • (snowman in top right hand corner
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