vocab for final

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  1. condone
    to forgive
  2. tangible
    capable of being touched
  3. zealous
  4. remorse
    deep regret or guilt
  5. aghast
  6. vexation
    annoyed, frustrated, or worried
  7. precluded
    prevent someone from doing something; to make impossible
  8. retribution
    punishment that is morally right and fully deserved
  9. assertion
    a confident and forceful statement of fact or belief
  10. coveted
    yearn to possess or have
  11. instigate
    to bring about or provoke (egg on) someone
  12. contemplated
    to think about deeply
  13. derogatory
    showing a disrespectful attitude
  14. belligerently
    hostile or aggressive
  15. simultaneously
    existing or occurring at the same time
  16. benevolently
    deminstrating good will
  17. uncanny
  18. taunts
    to mock or insult
  19. audacity
    the willing to take bold risks
  20. eluded
    evade or to escape from
  21. caricature
    a picture of a person or thing in which certain characteristics are exaggerated to create comedy
  22. attainable
    capable of being accomplished
  23. skepticism
    doubt about the the truth of something
  24. diversion
    a distraction
  25. apprehension
    anxiet or fear that something bad will happen
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