Verbs 2

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Verbs 2
2011-12-22 02:41:11

verbs 2 vocab
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  1. acquiesce
    to accept passively
  2. allay
    to calm; to relieve
  3. appall
    to terrify; to shcok
  4. brandish
    to exhibit in a threatening way
  5. castigate
    to punish; publicly criticize
  6. coerce
    to force
  7. concatenate
    - to link together
  8. disparage
    to belittle or speak scornfully of
  9. espouse
    to take up or advocate
  10. expedite
    to make easy and quick
  11. feign-
    to fake, imitate, or pretend
  12. impel
    to force or urge
  13. infiltrate
    to pass through or penetrate
  14. invoke
    to call forth; to appeal to
  15. malign
    to speak evil of
  16. mobilize-
    to call into action
  17. pilfer
    to steal in small amounts
  18. prevaricate
    to lie; depart from the truth
  19. refute
    to prove false or incorrect
  20. reinstate
    to restore to a former position
  21. sate
    to satisfy fully
  22. scrutinize
    to examine closely and carefully
  23. transcribe
    to copy
  24. waive
    to give up or put aside

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