AP American: Unit 5 Test

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  1. Andrew Johnson
    A. was considered too timid to be an effective pres
    B. was a southern democrat
    C. long delayed offering his own plan for reconstruction
    D. was lincoln's vice president for both terms in office
  2. The most ambitious goal of the Freedman's Bureau was to reform southern
    A. health care
    B. education
    C. land ownership
    D. politics
  3. In the south during the 1890s
    A. the black vote declined
    B. the white vote increased
    C. both A and B
    D. neither A nor B
  4. After the Civil War was over, African Americans responded by seperating themsleves from white institutions.
  5. President Johnson was impeached and convicted.
  6. Rutherford B Hayes was nominated to run for president by the Republican Party in the election of 1876 over Ulysses S Grant.
  7. The Sand Creek Massacre
    A. involved the slaughter of indian women and children
    B. saw the death of Chief Joseph
    C. was carried out by George Custer
    D. saw the Arapaho and Cheyenne provoke the US militia into attack
  8. Which statement regarding the western agricultural economy in th late nineteeth century is/are true?
    A. the railroad was the most important factor for its development
    B. In the 1870s rainfall in the plains states was above average
    C. After the 1880s it began a steady decline
    D. all of the above
  9. The Timber Culture Act and the Desert Land Act were both designed to squeeze individual homesteaders out of the American West.
  10. The story of the Nez Perce Indians is of a peaceful tribe forced to turn terrible violent.
  11. The Dawes Act sought to allot land to individual Indian owners and gradually eliminate tribal land ownership.
  12. Freedman's Bureau
    distributed food to former slaves and est schools
  13. Wade-Davis Bill
    Radical republican's harsh reconstruction plan
  14. First Civil Rights Act
    Blacks declared citizens of the US
  15. Johnson's "Restoration"
    similar to Wade-Davis Bill1
  16. The Fourteenth Amendment
    Everyone born in the US is a citizen
  17. Tenure of Office Act
    president forbidden from removing a civil official without consent of the Senate
  18. Crop-lien system
    system in which poor farmers relied on country store credit with inflated interest rates
  19. Credit Mobiler Scandal
    corrupt incident where Grant's officials recieved stock in exchange for no investigations
  20. Whiskey Ring
    Grant's officials were filing false tax reports to cheat the gov't out of its money
  21. Specie Resumption Act (1875)
    greenback dollars would be backed by gold
  22. Treaty of Washington
    agreement between Britain and the US after the US claimed Britain violated neutrality during the Civil War
  23. "redeemers"
    a genuinely new ruling class of merchants, industrialists, railroad developers and financiers
  24. Brooker T. Washington
    • Blacks should become industrially, not classically educated.
    • They should focus on self-improvement, not political rights
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