Warder Pali chapter 06, 2 nouns

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  1. ti
    • indicates quote, eg:
    • kaayo ti = "the word 'body'"
    • kusalan ti = "the word 'good'", "the idea of 'goodness'"
  2. evam devaa ti
    it is so, oh king
  3. n' eso n' atthii ti vadaami
    I do not say 'this isnt so'
  4. okaaso
  5. thuupo
    monument, pagoda
  6. pariyaayo
    course (lit. and fig. including discourse and manner of doing something)
  7. va.n.no
    color, beauty, praise, class
  8. sa.nkho
    conch (trumpet)
  9. sajjhaayo
    learning, study
  10. bhava.m atthu
    good fortune to you! best wishes! (in greeting, with imperative of as)
  11. bhava.m atthu bhavantam Somebody!
    Good fortune to you, honorable Somebody!
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