Driver's Ed 2

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  1. The force that pulls all things to Earth
  2. The force that keeps each tire from sliding on the road
  3. The friction created by the tire on the road
  4. Vehicles of different sizes and power handle differently
    Vehicle capabilities
  5. What three things make up the stopping distance?
    * Reaction time

    * Reaction distance

    * Braking distance
  6. The force with which a moving object hits another object.
    Force of impact
  7. What are 3 hand signals used in driving? Explain.
    * Hand pointing up is a right turn

    • * Arm extended straight out is a left turn
    • * Arm extended downward indicates slowing or stopping
  8. The length of time you take to execute your action
    Reaction time
  9. The distance your vehicle travels while you react
    Reaction distance
  10. The distance your vehicle travels from the time you apply the brake until you stop
    Braking distance
  11. What is the proper body positioning for backing a car?
    Turn your body to the right, and put your right arm over the back of the passenger seat. Look back through the rear window.
  12. What are the 6 types of turnabouts?
    1. Midblock U-turn

    2. Back into Driveway on Right side

    3. Pull into Driveway on left side

    4. Pull into Driveway on right side

    5. Three-point turnabout

    6. Back into Driveway on left side
  13. Which turnabout is the safest?
    Backing into a driveway
  14. Which turnabout is the most dangerous?
    Three-point turnabout
  15. What are the 7 types of parking maneuvers? Which direction would the tires be facing in each of these?
    1. Angle Parking- (straight)

    2. Perpendicular Parking- (straight)

    3. Parallel Parking- (straight)

    4. Uphill Parking with curb- (left)

    5. Uphill Parking with no curb- (right)

    6. Downhill Parking with curb- (right)

    7. Downhill Parking with no curb- (right)
  16. Traffic signals or signs determine the right of way
    Controlled intersections
  17. Has no signs or signals to regulate traffic
    Uncontrolled intersections
  18. What is the procedure for turning right on a red light?
    1. Before turning right come to a full stop

    2. Move to a position hee you can see clearly.

    3. Searc front zones for openings

    4. Yield the right of way to any vehicle or pedestrians, in o aproaching, the intersection

    5. Complete the turn into nearest right lane
  19. What does yielding the right of way mean?
    To let others go first, to be safe.
  20. List the 7 areas to look for motorcycles while you are driving.
    1. Vehicle turning left in front of motorcyclist

    2. Vehicle turning right of intersection or driveway

    3. Motorcyclist turning left

    4. Mortocyclist in Driver's Blind Spot

    5. Tailgating motorcyclist

    6. Motorcyclist passing vehicle on right or left

    7. Motorcyclist meeting on oncoming vehicle
  21. Passive restraint
    Works automatically (airbag)
  22. Active restraint
    A device you have to engage (seatbelt)
  23. How long does it take to perform a left turn?
    7 seconds (more than 1 block away)
  24. How long does it take to perform a right turn?
    6 seconds (1 block away)
  25. How long does it take to go straight across an intersection?
    4-5 seconds (more than 2/3 block away)
  26. What maneuver is the most dangerous?
    Making a left turn.
  27. When an object moves, it acquires...
    Energy of motion
  28. The length of time you take to execute an action
    Reaction time
  29. What is an example of a supplemental restraint system?
  30. In a... situation, you must divide the amount of available traction between stopping or starting and steering.
    Split traction
  31. A vehicle's energy of motion will change in proportion to the... of its change of speed.
  32. The gripping ability of a tire will... as the amount of tread touching the road increases.
  33. The... your speed, the longer your braking distance.
  34. Grooved surface of tire that grips the road
  35. Point around which an object's weight is evenly distributed
    Center of gravity
  36. Restraint device that you have to engage
    active device
  37. Distance your vehicle travels while you make a stop
    Total stopping distance
  38. Force that keeps each tire from sliding on the road
  39. To steer straight forward, look...
    Far ahead toward the center of your path
  40. To make the correct hand signal for a left turn, your left arm and hand should be
    Extended straight
  41. The first step to take before you begin a lane change maneuver is to...
    Check that roadway ahead has no obstructions
  42. Backing a stickshift vehicle requires skillful use of the...
    Clutch pedal
  43. Before backing, mak sure your... zone are clear.
  44. ... signals are easier to see in bright sunlight.
  45. When changin lane, ... can use your vehicle to turn too sharply.
  46. Perform a... only when there are no drive-ways to use for another type of turnabout.
    Midblock U-turn
  47. A part of the outside or inside of the vehicle, as viewed from the driver's seat, that relates to some part of the roadway.
    Reference point
  48. Not turning the steering wheel enough
  49. Parking vehicle diagonally to curb
    Angle parking
  50. Maneuver for turning your vehicle around to go in the opposite direction
  51. Parking vehicle at right angle to curb
    Perpendicular parking
  52. Pushing the steering wheel up with one hand and down with the other
    Push-pull steering
  53. Turning the wheel too much
  54. As you aproach a yellowor red traffic light, your front zone...
  55. What is the term for a light that has just turned from red?
    Fresh green light
  56. With which of the following does one side of an intersection have a green light?
    Delayed green light
  57. Which of the following terms means to allow others to go first?
  58. Which of the following signs identifies an uncontrolled railroad crosing?
  59. Your chances of collisions are greater at a/an... than at any otherpoint on a roadway.
  60. When turning after a stop, your last check should be in the direction of your...
    Path of travel
  61. As a driver, you must always...
    Yield the right of way
  62. Intersections of which traffic signals or signs determine the right of way
    Controlled intersection
  63. Complete stop as required at a stop sign or red light
    Full stop
  64. Privilege of having immediate use of a certain part of a roadway
    Right of way
  65. Distance between vehicles
  66. Intersection that has no signs or signals to regulate traffic
    Uncontrolled intersection
  67. Light that has been green fora long time
    Stale green light
  68. Why do car drivers have responsibility for avoiding collisions wih motorcycles?
    Car drivers have more protection
  69. When meeting a truck on a two-lane road,...
    Move to lane position 3 and drive straight ahead
  70. To reduce ris of collision, motorcyclist should increase their...
    Following distance
  71. Users of mopeds have limited speed and
  72. Many collisions involving pedestrians occur at crosswalks and intersections in
    Business districts
  73. Two-wheeled vehice that can be driven either with a motor or pedal
  74. Large blind-spot areas where truck drivers cannot see other vehicles
  75. Items a motorcyclist wears to protect head, eyes, and body.
    Protective equipment
  76. Truck that has a powerful tractor that pulls separate trailers
    Tractor trailer
  77. Type of tractor trailer commonly called an "eighteen wheeler"
    Recreational vehicle
  78. Large vehicle used for pleasure and travel
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