Driver's Ed

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  1. While driving in urban situations...
    be ready to reduce speed and chang vehicle positions
  2. The 3- second following distance technique
    is safe for most conditions
  3. You can avoid being hit by a tailgater if you
    increase your following distance to four seconds or more
  4. It is illegal to pass another vehicle
    at an intersection
  5. To give yourself adequate time to react to a hazard, you should... your speed.
  6. Urban streets and roads have the highest number of... per mile
  7. Take your foot off the accelerator and hold it over th brake pedal to be ready to brake quickly.
    Cover the brake
  8. Rest your foot on the brake
    Ride the brake
  9. Pass the car ahead
  10. Follow another vehicle too closely
  11. Posted speed signs indicate...
    maximum speeds under ideal conditions
  12. What provides advance information and warning about approaching driving situations
    Traffic controls
  13. What effect does increased speed have on the time available to complete the IPDE process?
    Decreases time available
  14. Solid yellow lines indicate
    no passing situations
  15. ... roadways have separated lanes of traffic moving in opposite directions
  16. A... is a sudden unexpected rush of water from heavy rain
    Flash flood
  17. Place on mountain roads for vehicles to safely get out of traffic when their brakes are not effective
    runaway vehicle ramp
  18. Sign posts on a curve with suggested speeds for ideal conditions
    Advisory speed signs
  19. Additional right lane on mountain roads for slower moving vehicles
    Pull-out area
  20. Area of ground separating traffic moving in opposite directions
  21. Vehicle unable to travel at highway speed
    slow-moving vehicle
  22. Turns that bend sharply in the opposite direction
  23. Expressways are safer than other types of roads because...
    there are no intersections or cross traffic
  24. If traffic is backed up on the exit ramp you want to use, you shuld
    pass the ramp and use the next exit
  25. Expressway collisions tend to be more serious than thoe on other types of roads, because expressways
    have higher-speed travel
  26. You slow your vehicle without blocking those behind you when you are in the... lane.
  27. A... interchange is used when a side road forms a T intersection with an expressway.
  28. The right edge of the expresway should be marked with a... line.
  29. Group or formation of vehicles traveling on an expressway
    Wolf Pack
  30. Speed used by most drivers on an expressway
    Common speed
  31. Condition of unconsciously driving too fast as a result of driving for long periods at high speeds
  32. Lane that permits drivers entering an expresway to accelerate to the speed of expressway traffic
    Acceleration lane
  33. Stretch of roadway at the end of an acceleration lane where vehicles join the flow of traffic
    Merging area
  34. When visibility is reduced, the first action to take is to
    slow down
  35. If traction conditons are hazardous, you should
    drive slowly
  36. Traction on wet roads can be improved by driving
    in the tire track of the vehicle ahead
  37. When your temperature gauge indicates that your engine is too hot, you should
    turn on your heater
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