Hydraulic principles

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  1. 4 Advantages of hydraulics systems?
    • Lighter weight
    • Ease of installation
    • Simplification of inspection
    • Minimum maintenance requirements
  2. Hydraulic systems are almost _____% efficient.
  3. Hydraulic fluid is considered to be compressible or incompressible.
  4. The pressure exerted by a column of liquid is determined by height of the column or the volume of the container?
    height of the column
  5. Pascal's law states that the pressure in a closed system is transmitted ____and ____ to _____parts of the system.
    equally and undiminished to all parts of the system
  6. Force per unit area is a measure of?
    Pressure, measured in PSI or Kilos per square cm
  7. The relationship between Force, area, and pressure may be expressed using the formula?
  8. In a hydraulic system the relationship between the area of the piston, distance it moves , and the volume of displaced fluid may be expressed by the formula______.
    Volume = Area x Distance
  9. What are 2 major advantage to hydraulic systems over mechanical systems?
    • 1 Large gain in mechanical advantage by using different sized pistons.
    • 2 Ease that force can be transmitted over large distances
  10. A good hydraulic fluid must possess 4 propeties.
    • Proper viscosity
    • Chemical stability
    • High flashpoint
    • High firepoint
  11. What is the proper viscosity for hydraulic fluid?
    Thick enough to seal and lubricate but not too thick as to offer excessive friction
  12. _______ is the internal resistance to fluid flow of a liquid.
  13. The temperature that a fluid gives off vapor in sufficient quantity to ignite momentarily is called?
    Flash point
  14. 3 types of hydraulic fluid currently being used in civilian aircraft are:
    • Vegetable based (Mil-H-7644)
    • Mineral based (Mil-H-5606)
    • Synthetic (Skydrol)
  15. Is it permissible to mix different types of hydraulic fluid?
  16. What is an example of a phosphate ester based fluid?
  17. Vegetable base hydraulic fluid is essentially ______ oil and ______.
    Castor oil and alcohol
  18. Vegetable based hydraulic fluid is dyed _____.
  19. What hydraulic fluid is dyed red ?
  20. The most widely used hydraulic fluid in use today?
  21. Skydrol is colored ?
    light purple
  22. Synthetic hydraulic fluid was designed to provide a _____ resistant hydraulic fluid
    Fire resistant
  23. If skydrol is spilled , it should be cleaned immediately with ______ and _______.
    Soap and water
  24. What fluid can be used to flush the hydraulic system of these fluids
    1 vegetable
    2 mineral
    3 synthetic
    • 1 Alcohol
    • 2 Naptha , varsol or stoddart solvents
    • 3 trichlorethylene
  25. What seal materials are used with the following hydraulic fluids:
    1 Vegetable
    2 Mineral
    3 Synthetic
    • 1 Natural rubber
    • 2 Neoprene
    • 3 Butyl rubber or ethylene-propylene elastomers
  26. The additives in 5606 help reduce____.
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