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  1. The building will be completed around six months earlier than (erwartet)
  2. Other car manufactures are using our braking system to (bewerten) their products
  3. Problems (entstehen) over plans to build a new supermakret here
  4. Employees are encouraged to (quer / anderst denken) and develop creative solutions.
    think outside the box
  5. The housing market remains (heiter, fest)
  6. We talked for hours but we were just (im Kreis bewegen)
    going around in circles
  7. Opposite of promotion
  8. Now is not the time for expansion but for (Festigung einer Position)
  9. A company's (Kernkompetenz) are the things it does particularly well
    core competencies
  10. Reducing employees' hours has turned out to be a (Gegenteil von Ansporn, entmudigung)
    disincentive (Ansporn = incentive)
  11. The charity's ultimate objective is the (Übertragung von Verantwortung) of the local communitiy
  12. Let's look the big picture an then see if
    we can (auf die Detailebene begeben) to the details
    drill down
  13. Everyone talks about sexual equality but (es bleibt dabei) women are paid less then man
    the fact remains that
  14. The part is likely to (etwas nicht erreichen) a parliamentary majority
    fall short of
  15. I think I would ten to (mit etwas übereinstimmen) what Tim was saying
    go along with
  16. My secretary will (dich auf den aktuellen Stand bringen)
    fill somebody in on something
  17. The factory managers have announced that here will be furhter (Entlassungen) before the end of the month
  18. The reliability ot the statistics (ist keine Thema / Problem)
    ist not an issue
  19. The directors of the banks received vastly (unangemessen) salary
    inflated (angemessen= deflated)
  20. The agreement was signed but its recommendations were never (durchführen, umgeseten)
  21. George ist trying to save the familiy company from a (feindselig) takeover bid
  22. The company will have to change its wohle (Denkweise) if it is to survive.
  23. run at a loss
    Verlust machen
  24. There was a major campaign to (ablehnen, widersetzen) the building of nuclear reactor
    oppose (opposite = support)
  25. We anticipate an initial (Kapitalaufwand) of over 1'000'000
    capital outlay
  26. Reduced orders mean that most of our distribution warehouses are (überbelegt)
    overstaffed (opposite = understaffed)
  27. Over the following three years, the use of the drug will (stufenweise zurückziehen)
    phase something out
  28. be beside the point
    nicht zum Thema gehören
  29. They've already (schütten) a lot of time and (viel Geld) into this project
    Pour money into something
  30. It is his job to make (Vorhersagen) about publishing trends
  31. The firm is (sich zurückziehen) the personal computer business
    pulling out of
  32. erkunden
    scope out
  33. We have had to (aufstocken) production to meet demand
    ramp up
  34. sich verschulden
    slide into debt
  35. There is a big (Bockmist, Fehler) with the mailing list
  36. Tochtergesellschaft
  37. We are expecting a major (Reorganisation) in every department after the takeover
  38. We seem to have (abschweifen) from the subject of recruitment
    wander away from something
  39. Witness gave only a (ungenaue, vage) description of the driver
  40. The 400 Million dollar loan will help (etwas in die entgegengesetzte Richtung bringen)
    turn the Russian economy around (turn something around)
  41. nicht über etwas nachdenken
    not give something much thought
  42. It would bef very risky to sell shares with the stock market as (unbeständig) as it is at present
  43. schwache / starke Leistung
    underachievement, achievement
  44. auf dem richtigen Weg sein
    be on the right track
  45. egal sein, mit etwas leben können
    not mind either way
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