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  1. What sort of connections are used in fiber-optic connections? (NC set: fiber optics)
    • Anaerobic LC
    • Fusion splice
    • FTU – fiber distribution panel rack
  2. What is needed for termination work? (NC set: fiber optics)
    Plenty of slack
  3. What is the color measure of light which travels quicker in a vacuum? (NC set: fiber optics)
    The nanometer
  4. Regarding single mode and multi mode fiber optic cables what are their core sizes resulting in what acceptable transmission lengths of what type? (NC set: fiber optics) Single mode: has a small core resulting in long transmissions
    multimode: has a large core resulting in short transmissions
  5. The core of a fiber-optic cable is also referred to as what? Lets in how much light? (NC set: fiber optics)
    Numerical aperture, letting in 80% of light.
  6. What three elements create losses in fiber-optic cables and connections? (NC set: fiber optics)
    Bending, connectors, and splices.
  7. Shorter wavelengths are absorbed in what? The solution to this problem is what? (NC set: fiber optics)
    • Glass
    • Infrared
  8. What is also known as signal loss? (NC set: fiber optics)
  9. What is the advantage of using fiber-optic connections versus co-axle? (NC set: fiber optics)
    Fiber optics have a higher bandwidth: higher frequency of 300 MHz over 200 km between transmission sites versus 700m for coaxial
  10. List several advantages of fiber optics. (NC set: fiber optics)
    Transmission length, smaller size, security: not easily read unless cut open, explosion resistant: does not transmit heat, noncorrosive:
  11. Fan out regarding fiber optics refers to what? (NC set: fiber optics)
    The process of making fiber optics bigger for connections
  12. Fiber-optic cables single mode, multimode, and outdoor are identified by what color on the outer jacket? (NC set: fiber optics)
    • Single mode – yellow
    • multimode – orange
    • outdoor – black
  13. Outdoor fiber-optic cable identified by a black outer jacket can be ran how far into a building before it needs to be ran in conduit, spliced, or terminated? (NC set: fiber optics)
    50 feet
  14. The industry-standard for fiber-optic cable left for termination at a data rack or other locations is what length? (NC set: fiber optics)
    25 feet coiled +10 feet to terminate
  15. OTR is a test to test fiber optics through how many feet or more and with what kind of splice? (NC set: fiber optics)
    100 feet or more with mechanical splice.
  16. When making fiber-optic data connections into a data rack how do you clean to remove the gel and what do you apply to aid in moving strands through the connector? (NC set: fiber optics)
    Apply alcohol to remove gel and baby powder to aid in moving strands through the connector.
  17. Two types of data connections exist what are they? (NC set: fiber optics)
    • ST: stab and twist: bigger
    • LC: smaller
  18. Is interduct needed with MC armored fiber optic cable? (NC set: fiber optics)
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