Psychology Definitions #1

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  1. Introspection
    A method for gaining indirect access to people's mental processes through their verbal reports
  2. Embodiment
    Indicates that we simultaneously experience our bodies physically and biologically as well as socially and psychologically
  3. Neuropsychological approaches
    An approach studying brain function by examining damaged brains, structure of the brain and neural activity
  4. Psychosocial
    An identity theory recognizing the influence of both personal and social factors on identity development
  5. Core identity
    The central identitiy that individuals have to achieve from different aspects of their identities (personal, social etc) if they are to be psychologically healthy
  6. Ego identity
    A secure feeling of who and what one is
  7. Semi-structured interview
    An interview designed to cover particular themes that allows flexibility in how questions are asked
  8. Subjectivity
    People’s reflections on themselves
  9. Hypothesis
    A testable claim
  10. Paradigm
    A worldview underlying the theories and methodology of a particular scientific subject.
  11. Outsider viewpoint
    Viewpoint gained from experiments and observations
  12. Insider viewpoint
    Viewpoint gained from introspection, interviews, analyses of what people say (and how they say it)
  13. Operationalise
    Define something in terms of the operations used to prove or determine it.
  14. Hermeneutic
    The theory and methodology of interpretation, especially of scriptural text
  15. Epistemology
    • The theory of knowledge.
    • Refers to the principles of what can be known and how we can find out about it
  16. Methodology
    • The theory of methods.
    • Refers to WHY particular methods are used, rather than HOW.
  17. Methods
    Research techniques and tools for gathering and analyzing data.
  18. Data
    The measures that are collected, gathered or produced when applying a method.
  19. Dispositional attribution
    The explanation of individual behaviour as a result caused by internal characteristics within the individual (as opposed to situational (outside) influences)
  20. Embeddedness
    A state of being located or secured within a larger entity or context
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