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  1. If it becomes necessary to research the history of a UMOS�s prior purchases of pistol magazines, where would this information be recorded, stored or maintained?
    Personal Folders,Command Communication Records,and in most instancesEquipment Section files
  2. Should a uniformed member of the service elect to purchase a magazine directly from a manufacturer, what should the member�s commanding officer request the manufacturer to do?
    Send magazine to the member�s command and not his/her residence.
  3. When necessary to replace a part of a Dual Purpose Disorder Control/Scooter Helmet, UMOS WILL: Bring helmet and damaged part(s) to commanding officer/designee.The commanding officer/designee will:
    Examine helmet and damaged part(s).
  4. When necessary to replace a part of a Dual Purpose Disorder Control/Scooter Helmet, CO willForward original request and REQUEST FOR SUPPLIES (PD561-160)with damaged part(s) to ????
    borough equipment coordinator
  5. After receiving forms: CERTIFICATION AND ACCEPTANCE OF ORDER FOR UNIFORMS, AND EQUIPMENT SECTION INSPECTION REPORT,MANDATORY PROCUREMENT OF UNIFORM From Uniformed Member Of The Service and all ordered uniforms have been inspected, The Commanding Officer will do what with the above forms?
    Destroy both forms
  6. Which of the following are not authorized to wear the Nylon Windbreaker Jacket?a. Anti-crime personnel performing anti-crime duty b. Police officers in civilian clothes at the scene of a police incident c. Civilian Trauma counseling team member d. None of the above, all ARE authorized to wear the Nylon Windbreaker Jacket
  7. UNIT COMMANDER: Request required number of breast bars and lapel pins from
    Equipment Section.
  8. DESK OFFICER/COUNTERPART When do you notify the Occupational Safety and Health Unit, upon the arrival of a Department of Labor representative for an unscheduled inspection of a Department facility ?
    a. Immediately
  9. DESK OFFICER/COUNTERPART When do you telephone the Occupational Safety and Health Unit fornotification of an impending scheduled inspection by the New York State Department of Labor?
  10. In regards to OSHU violatioin What is the monetary penalty for serious violations
    two hundred dollars per day �serious violations.
  11. In regards to OSHU violatioin What is the monetary penalty for non-serious violations?
    fifty dollars per day for non-serious violations.
  12. CO when Planning award ceremony give consideration to:
    a. Prior notice to recipient b. Formality of presentation c. Presence of family.
  13. COMMANDING OFFICER Have breast bar returned to with explanation, if unable to present award
    borough commander
  14. When a Department facility is the subject of an inspection by representatives of the New York State Department of Labor�s (PESH) Bureau: If violation cannot be corrected by the command, the Commanding Officer will�??
    Prepare WORK ORDER
  15. Who confers with the Occupational Safety and Health Unit to obtain advice/technical assistance regarding abatement?
    command safety officer
  16. Who is the Senior Safety and Health Liaison of the New York City Police Department?
    The Deputy Commissioner, Legal Matters
  17. Union representatives wishing to inspect a workplace will present a requeston Typed Letterhead, addressed to
    the Commanding Officer, Office of Labor Relations.
  18. Who may NOT transport election material?
    auxiliary police officer
  19. Regarding publication of Operations Order requesting personnel availability figures, Regular days off and chart excusals will not be cancelled unless directed by
    the Chief of Department
  20. During semi-annual uniform inspections the Commanding Officer will inspect Helmets with identifying decals. What are those identifying decals?
    City emblem OR detective shield, insignia of rank and shield number
  21. Where does the Commanding Officer record results of uniform inspection, listing deficiencies?
    on copy of command roster.

    • You are a COMMANDING OFFICER and you just submitted a request through proper channels for one of your members to be authorized to carry a special weapon other than regulation service firearms. You must be the COMMANDING OFFICER of the following commands?
    • Detective Bureau, Internal Affairs Bureau or OCCB
  22. What months do you conduct your semi-annual uniform inspections?
    May and November
  23. In regards to firearms inspections where do you Compare handguns listed on FORCE RECORD with?
    Computer Printout forwarded annually for the November uniform inspection
  24. Direct member having uniform requiring stamping, cleaning, repairing,etc., to correct deficiencies, and you the commanding officer will?
    reinspect within thirty (30) days.
  25. COMMANDING OFFICER will:Endorse and forward copy of Handgun Computer Printout to Commanding Officer, Firearms and Tactics Section by??
    January 15th
  26. COMMANDING OFFICER When uniform deficiencies have been corrected, you will indicate such on?
    on command roster
  27. When PROPERTY CLERK�S INVOICES and/or PROPERTY CLERK�S MOTOR VEHICLE/BOAT INVOICES with pre-printed serial numbers are Received with MISSING OR DUPLICATED SER #s a report must be prepared. Who prepares it and where is it forwarded to?
    CLERICAL MEMBER and forward to Property Clerk Division, Inventory Unit
  28. The COMMANDING OFFICER will investigate the circumstances of which of discrepancies regarding property clerk invoices?
    Missing INVOICES
  29. When a vehicle held by Property Clerk would aid in the performance of police Duty, Commands not under the jurisdiction of Chief of Department will submit request to
    Deputy Commissioner, Management and Budget.
  30. A COMMANDING OFFICER will authorize with WHO�S approval, a supervisor to visit location within residence counties to obtain weapons and property of a member of the service who dies or is dismissed??
    approval of borough commander or counterpart
  31. when MOS dies theCOMMANDING OFFICER/ DESIGNEE will Forward PROPERTY CLERK�S INVOICE with weapons to
    Borough office of Property Clerk Division
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