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  1. Abase
    Lower, degrade, humiliate
  2. Abash
  3. Abbreviate
  4. Abet
    Assist, usually in doing something wrong
  5. Abhor
    Detest; hate
  6. Ablution
  7. Abnegation
    Self Sacrifice
  8. Abortive
    Unsuccessful, fruitless
  9. Abrasive
    Rubbing away, tending to grind down
  10. Abridge
    Condense or shorten
  11. Abrogate
  12. Absolve
    Pardon (an offense)
  13. Abut
    Adjoin, border
  14. Accede
  15. Acclimate
    Adjust to climate or environment, adapt
  16. Acclivity
    Sharp upslope of a hill
  17. Accost
    Approach and speak first to a person
  18. Accoutre
  19. Acidulous
    Slightly sour, sharp; caustic
  20. Acme
    Peak, pinnacle; highest point
  21. Acoustic
    Quality that makes a room easy or hard to hear in
  22. Acquittal
    Deliverance from a charge
  23. Acrid
    Having an irritatingly strong and unpleasant taste or smell ex: acrid fumes

    Angry and bitter ex: an acrid farewell
  24. Acrophobia
    Fear of height
  25. Actuarial
    Calculating; pertaining to insurance statistics
  26. Actuate
  27. Acuity
  28. Adage
    Wise saying; proverb
  29. Addendum

    Appendix to book
  30. Addle

  31. Adjuration
    A serious urging to do something

    Similar to taking an oath
  32. Adulation
    Flattery; admiration
  33. Adventitious
  34. Adverse
    Preventing success or development; harmful; unfavorable
  35. Advert
    Refer to
  36. Aegis
    Shield; defense
  37. Affable
    Easily approachable; warmly friendly
  38. Affidavit
    Written statement made under oath
  39. Affix
    Attach or add on
  40. Affluence
    Abundance; wealth
  41. Affront
    Insult; offense; intentional act of disrespect
  42. Agape
  43. Agglomeration
    Collection; heap
  44. Aghast
  45. Agog
    Highly excited
  46. Alcove
    A small recess opening off a larger room
  47. Alimentary
    Supplying nourishment
  48. Alimony
    Payment made to an ex-spouse after divorce
  49. Allegory
    Story in which characters are used as symbols; fable
  50. Allusion
    Indirect reference
  51. Alluvial
    Pertaining to soil deposits left by running water
  52. Aloft
  53. Altruistic
    Unselfishly generous; concerned for others
  54. amass
  55. Amazon
    Female warrior
  56. Ambidextrous
    Capable of using either hand with equal ease
  57. Amble
    Moving at an easy pace
  58. Ambulatory
    Able to walk
  59. Amend
    Correct; change, generally for the better
  60. Amiss
    Wrong; faulty
  61. Amity
  62. Amnesty
  63. Amphibian
    Able to live both on land and in water
  64. Amphitheater
    Oval building with tiers of seats
  65. Ample
  66. Amok
    In a state of rage
  67. Anathema
    Solemn curse; someone or something regarded as a curse
  68. Anchor
    Secure or fasten firmly; be fixed in place
  69. Anecdote
    Short account of an amusing or interesting event
  70. Anguish
    Acute pain; extreme suffering
  71. Angular
    Sharp-cornered; stiff in manner
  72. Animadversion
    Harsh criticism
  73. Animated
    Lively; spirited
  74. Animus
    Hostile feeling or intent
  75. Annals
    Records; history
  76. Anneal
    reduce brittleness and improve toughness by heating and cooling
  77. Annotate
    Comment; make explanatory notes
  78. Annuity
    Yearly allowance
  79. Annul
    Make void
  80. Anoint
  81. Antagonism
    Hostility; active resistance
  82. Antecede
  83. Anthology
    Collection of selected literary passage
  84. Anthropoid
  85. Anthropomorphic
    Having human form or characteristics
  86. Antic
    Extravagantly odd
  87. Anticlimax
    Letdown in thought or emotion
  88. Antiseptic
    Subtance that prevents infection
  89. Antithesis
    Contrast; direct opposite of or to
  90. Anvil
    Iron block used in hammering out metals
  91. Ape
    Imitate or mimic
  92. Aperture
    Opening; hole
  93. Aphasia
    Loss of speech due to injury or illness
  94. Aphorism
    A short, condensed, sometimes witty saying, close in meaning to maxim or proverb
  95. Apiary
    A place where bees are kept
  96. Aplomb
    Poise; assurance
  97. Apocalyptic
    Prophetic; pertaining to revelations
  98. Apolitical
    Having an aversion or lack of concern for political affairs
  99. Apostate
    One who abandons his religious faith or politicial beliefs
  100. Apothecary
    Druggist; Drugstore
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