Landing gear

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  1. Tail wheel landing gear arrangement is generally known as?
  2. Retracting the landing on an aircraft reduces the parasite or induced drag?
  3. Almost all modern aircraft use what landing gear arrangement?
  4. Tailwheel aircraft are highly susceptible to an abrupt uncontrolled change in direction on the ground
    Ground loop
  5. Fairings used to enclose the wheels are known as?
    wheel pants
  6. A bundle of small strands of rubber encased in a loosely woven cloth tube is known as?
    A bungee cord
  7. The most widely used shock absorber? and is commonly known as?
    oil-air shock absorber commonly called oleo
  8. Oleos absorb landing impact and transfers the energy into?
  9. What is the most critical area of the wheel?
    Bead area
  10. Oleo strut inflation is checked by measuring the length of exposed ?
    piston tube
  11. Modern aircraft wheels are usually one or two peice wheels?
    Two peice sealed by o-ring
  12. Aircraft wheels may be cast or forged of either ____ or ____ alloy.
    aluminum or magnesium
  13. In cases of extreme overheating what safety is installed on the inboard wheel half?
    fusible plugs that melt at a lower temperature
  14. What is procedure is sometimes required on certain wheel installations?
    preloading the bearings
  15. What must be done before attempting to remove the wheel?
    deflate the tire
  16. What should not be done when drying bearings with compressed air?
    No spinning bearings
  17. Water stains on a bearing indicates what?
    intergranular corrosion and should be rejected
  18. To ensure all tire pressure is relieved , what should be done?
    remove valve core
  19. Aircraft bearings should be cleaned with steam. true or false
    False , clean with solvent
  20. Discolored bearings is an indication of?
  21. Dye penetrant inspection is a good method to find cracks in the bead area of the wheel. true or false
    False, eddy current should be used
  22. Screwdrivers should not be used to pry on tires. true or false
  23. Wheel bolts should be inspected using what method?
    Mag particle
  24. What must be done if one of the fusible plugs shows signs of softening?
    Replace all of the fusible plugs
  25. What is used to reduce nose wheel oscillations?
    Shimmy dampner
  26. If the tops of the wheels are closer together than the bottoms the wheels is said to be?
    Negative camber
  27. If the front of the wheels are closer together than the rear , it is said to be?
  28. Retractible gear aircraft must have a way to (raise or lower) the landing gear in case of failure of primary system.
  29. What are 4 methods of back-up gear extension?
    • Mechanical
    • compressed air
    • free fall
    • alternate hydraulic
  30. What is installed in the gear retraction system to prevent the gear from being retracted on the ground?
    Squat switch ,saftey switch , weight on wheels switch
  31. Down and lock lights are what color?
  32. A gear warning horn will sound when?
    any of the gear is down and the throttles are retarded
  33. Metallic brake linings are also known as?
    Sintered linings
  34. Power brakes are operated using pressure from the?
    Main hydraulic system
  35. Boosted brakes apply power from where?
    an independant master cylender
  36. When the disc is keyed and rotates with the wheel it is?
    floating-disc brake system
  37. Powdered metal that is melded by pressure and heat is known as?
  38. If the brake system uses a fixed disc,what must float?
    the caliper
  39. What are 2 causes of spongy brakes?
    • Air in the system and
    • deterioration of the brake lines
  40. When a brake fails to completely release it is said to be?
  41. What causes brake chattering?
    warped or glazed discs
  42. After a brake has been rebuilt it must be bench tested for ___ and ___ before being installed on aircraft.
    leakage and proper operation
  43. After replacing brake linings, what should be done?
    new linings should be burnt in or conditioned
  44. Brake linings should be installed with the lettering ______ from the disc.
    Facing away
  45. What must be done if an incompatible brake fluid is used?
    drained, flushed, and all seals replaced
  46. What is sometimes used as an emergency braking system.
  47. Removing air from the brake system is known as ?
  48. Anytime the brakes shows signs of ____ , they must be removed, inspected, and rebuilt.
  49. Stopping a leak by tightening a MS fitting is acceptable?
    Not, over-torquing will cause leak to increase
  50. True or False. Cleaveland brake linings can be replaced without removing the calipers.
  51. The most important part of the tire is?
    the bead
  52. The carcass of the tire is made up of ?
    layers of rubber coated - nylon cord fabric cut into strips and layed at 45 degree angles and 90degrees to each other
  53. The bead of the tire is made of?
    High strength carbon steel wire bundles
  54. Tubes are prevented from pinching on installation by dusting with?
    Talc powder
  55. The ply rating relates to ?
    Maximum static load and inflation pressure
  56. Type 8 tires are used for?
    high performance jet aircraft and high speed take-offs
  57. Type 3 tires are used on?
    piston powered ,low pressure tires
  58. Type 7 tires are used on?
    Jet aircraft
  59. Chines on tires do what?
    deflect slush and mud away from engine intakes
  60. Inflation pressure should always be checked when the tire is ?
  61. When tires are inflated they should be done in what?
    a tire cage
  62. Wheel bolts should be lubricated with anti-seize. true or false
  63. Wheel bolt should be tightened how?
    one smooth pull of the torque wrench
  64. Tube tires should be inflate to seat the bead, deflated then inflated to proper pressure. Why?
    allows tube to straighten itself and remove any wrinkles
  65. A line should be painted across the wheel and tire. why?
    Slippage mark
  66. Where are 3 places to install balance weights?
    • -Brackets mounted under the heads of wheel bolts
    • -lead strips that adhere to inside of wheel
    • -fasten to wheel rim by cotter pin
  67. Tubeless tires are identified by the word _____ on the sidewall.
  68. Tires with chines are usually located ?
    on the nose wheel
  69. The greatest heat is caused by a tire that is (over or under) inflated.
  70. The most popular tread pattern today is the?
    rib tread
  71. Retreading is acceptable or unacceptable in aircraft?
  72. The ply rating indicates the actual number of plies in the tire?
    not anymore
  73. The red dot on the tire indicates?
    the tires light point
  74. top 2 reasons for a leaking tube?
    • hole in the tube
    • defective valve
  75. If a tube is leaking first check?
    valve ., by spreading a drop of valse over the end
  76. Ozone is not harmful to rubber. true or false
  77. Where should tubes be stored?
    In a cool, dry place, away from electrical eqiupment that produces ozone
  78. If a bead area of a tire is damaged is it repairable?
  79. What type of seal is used in between wheel halves?
  80. The most important preventitive maintenance is maintaining proper _____.
    tire pressure
  81. What does the yellow mark on the tube indicate?
    heavy point, if there is no yellow mark , the valve stem is considered the heavy point
  82. Tires should be inflated _____.
    slowly and gradually
  83. the loss of contact of tires to pavement on take-off or taxi due to water is known as?
  84. How long should new tires be allowed to remain with no load applied to them when installed?
    12 to 24 hours
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