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  1. Apothegm
    Is a short but memorable saying that holds some important fact of experience that is considered true by many people, or that has gained some credibility through its long use.
  2. Apotheosis
    The elevation of someone to divine status; deification

    An ideal example
  3. Append
  4. Application
    Sustained effort; hard work
  5. Appraise
    Estimate the value of
  6. Apprehensive
    Anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen

    To be discerning, quick to understand
  7. Appurtenances
  8. Aptitude
    A natural ability to do something; talent
  9. Aquiline
    Curved, hooked
  10. Arable
    Fit for growing crops
  11. Arboretum
    A place where different varieties of trees and shrubs are studied and exhibited; similar to a botanical garden
  12. Arcade
    A covered passageway with arches along one or both sides
  13. Aria
    A musical piece written typically for a solo voice with orchestral accompaniment in an opera or cantata
  14. Armada
    Fleet of warships
  15. Arraign
    Call or bring (someone) before a court to answer a criminal charge
  16. Array
    Arrange or assemble in order
  17. Arrears
    Being in debt
  18. Arrhythmic
    Lacking rhythm or regularity
  19. Arroyo
    A deep channel serving as a gutter or drain
  20. Artful
    (of a person or action) Clever or skillful, typically in a crafty or cunning way; To be slick
  21. Artifice
    Deception; trickery
  22. Artisan
    A worker in a skilled trade, esp. one that involves making things by hand
  23. Ascendancy
  24. Aseptic
    Preventing infection
  25. Ashen
    Ash-colored; deadly pale
  26. Asinine
  27. Askance
    To look with disapproval, suspicion, or distrust
  28. Askew
    Not in a straight or level position
  29. Aspire
    To have a great ambition or ultimate goal; desire strongly

    To strive toward an end; to seek to attain
  30. Assay
    To analyze, to evaluate
  31. Assent
    Agree; Accept
  32. Assessment
    The evaluation or estimation of the nature, quality, or ability of someone or something
  33. Assimilate
    To absorb and integrate
  34. Astral
    Relating to the stars
  35. Asunder
    Apart, divided, into pieces
  36. Atrocity
    An extremely wicked or cruel act, typically one involving physical violence or injury
  37. Atrophy
    Waste away; gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor
  38. Attrition
    A gradual decrease in number or strength because of constant stress.
  39. Atypical
  40. Audit
    An official inspection of an individual's or organization's accounts, typically by an independent body
  41. Augury
    A sign of what will happen in the future; an omen
  42. August
    Impressive; Magestic
  43. Aureole
  44. Auspicious
    Giving or being a sign of future success
  45. Automaton
    Mechanism that imitates actions of humans esp robots
  46. Averse
    Reluctant; disinclined
  47. Aversion
    Firm dislike
  48. Avert
    Prevent; turn away (one's eyes)
  49. Aviary
    Enclosure for birds
  50. Avid
    Having an eager desire for something
  51. Avow
    Declare openly
  52. Awl
    Pointed tool used for piercing
  53. Awry
    Away from the appropriate, planned, or expected course

  54. Azure
    Blue sky
  55. Babble
    Utter something rapidly and incoherently
  56. Badger
    Ask (someone) repeatedly and annoyingly for something; pester
  57. Badinage
    Teasing conversation
  58. Bait
    To harass; tease
  59. Baleful
    Threatening; menacing; sinister
  60. Balk
    Stop short, as if faced with an obstacle, and refuse to continue
  61. Ballast
    Heavy substance used to add stability or weight
  62. Balm
    Something that relieves pain
  63. Bandy
    To discuss lightly
  64. Bane
    Curse; cause of ruin
  65. Baneful
    Exceedingly harmful, destructive, causing ruin or death
  66. Barb
    Sharp projection from fishhook or other object exp: barbwire
  67. Barefaced
    Without disguise; unconcealed; Undisguisedly bold
  68. Baroque
    Highly ornate and extravagant in style
  69. Barrage
    A concentrated artillery bombardment over a wide area

    A concentrated outpouring, as of questions or blows
  70. Barrister
    A lawyer entitled to practice as an advocate, particularly in the higher courts
  71. Bask
    Lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure
  72. Bastion
    A place that has been fortified so as to protect it against attack
  73. Bate
    To reduce, diminish, decrease
  74. Bauble
    A showy toy or trinket of little value
  75. Beatific
    Blissfully happy
  76. Bedraggle
    To make wet thoroughly, as if from rain
  77. Beeline
    The most direct route; a straight line between two places
  78. Befuddle
    To confuse thoroughly
  79. Begrudge
    To resent
  80. Beguile
    To trick (someone) into doing something

    To pass time
  81. Beholden
    To be indebted; owing thanks or having a duty to someone in return for help or a service
  82. Behoove
    It is a duty or responsibility for someone to do something; it is appropriate or suitable
  83. Belabor
    Argue or elaborate (a subject) in excessive detail; to explain or go over excessively
  84. Belated
    Delayed; coming or happening later than should have been the case
  85. Beleaguer
    To trouble persistently; harass
  86. Bellicose
    Demonstrating aggression and willingness to fight
  87. Belligerent
    Inclined or eager to fight; hostile or aggressive.
  88. Bemoan
    Express discontent or sorrow over (something)
  89. Benefactor
    A person who gives money or other help to a person or cause
  90. Benison
    A blessing
  91. Bent
    Determined to take a course of action
  92. Bequeath
    Leave (a personal estate or one's body) to a person or other beneficiary by a will

    Pass (something) on or leave (something) to someone else
  93. Berate
    Scold or criticize (someone) angrily
  94. Bereavement
    Mourning; state of sorrow over the death or departure of a loved one
  95. Bereft
    Deprived of; lacking
  96. Beseech
    Ask (someone) urgently and fervently to do something
  97. Beset
    To attack from all sides.

    To trouble persistently; harass.
  98. Besmirch
    Defile; Damage the reputation of (someone or something) in the opinion of others

    Make (something) dirty or discolored
  99. Bestial
    Beastlike; brutal; inhuman
  100. Betoken
    Signify; Indicate
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