Bobby's Random Notes XVIII

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  1. Work that contains the Nashim, Kodashim, and Moed Orders
  2. Siege of Fort St. Philip occurred during this Battle
    Battle of New Orleans
  3. Succeeded by Desaratha
  4. Emperor and father of Kunala
  5. Succeeded Bindusara
  6. Coined the term "ophelimity"
  7. The Piast Dynasty ruled this nation
  8. Part of this work defines good, evil, hope, imagination, and appetite
  9. Part III of this work says we can't validate a divine revelation
  10. Work that coined the term "bricolage" to describe where myths come from
    Savage Mind
  11. Work that contrasts the "engineer" and the "bricoleur"
    Savage Mind
  12. Center of the Olmec civilization and culture
    San Lorenzo
  13. Hersilia was this man's wife
  14. Created the Yassa Law Code
    Genghis Khan
  15. Killed his half brother Behter
    Genghis Khan
  16. This man's wife was Borti
    Genghis Khan
  17. Father of Jochi
    Genghis Khan
  18. Drafted the Port Huron Statement
  19. Group that led the "Ten Days of Resistance"
  20. Philosopher with a namesake paradox
    Bertie Russell
  21. His wife was Faustina the Younger
    Marcus Aurelius
  22. Defeated the Commune of Rome
    Frederick Barbarossa
  23. Succeeded Conrad III
    Frederick Barbarossa
  24. Fabry Disease affects this organelle
  25. Battle of Vigo Bay took place during this war where treasure ships were destroyed
    War of Spanish Succession
  26. "Hero Square" is in this city
  27. Discussed the divide between "Stimulus" and "Response"
    John Dewey
  28. Discussed the "Reflex Arc" in psychology
    John Dewey
  29. Critics believe this man caused rift between science and religion with his ideas
    John Dewey
  30. Shaker settlement where Hawthorne and Emerson once lived
    Brook Farm
  31. Deposed by Odoacer
    Romulus Augustulus
  32. Prigg v Pennsylvania dealt with this law
    Fugutive Slave Act
  33. One king of this name created the Auld Alliance
  34. Wife of Henry II
    Eleanor of Aquitaine
  35. Proposed the thought experiment "Utility Monster"
    Robert Nozick
  36. This man's philosophical works have been compared to Dadaism
    Jacques Derrida
  37. His Of Grammatology is "A history book, through and through"
    Jacques Derrida
  38. Said that "There is nothing outside the text"
    Jacques Derrida
  39. Known as "The Red Napoleon"
    Chief Joseph
  40. Book that defined "Vocation"
    Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
  41. Empire that ruled during the Golden Age of India
    Gupta Empire
  42. Samundra was an emperor from this empire
    Gupta Empire
  43. Won the Battle of Las Salinas over Almagro
  44. Ships involved in this event were the Montezuma, Norfolk, and Retaliation
    XYZ Affair
  45. Wrote The Essence of Christianity
  46. Text that praises the student Yan Hui
  47. Won the Battle of Varaville
    William the Conqueror
  48. Won the Battle of Van-Es-Dunes
    William the Conqueror
  49. This man proposed the system of "Positive Checks" and "Negative Checks"
    Thomas Malthus
  50. Indian economist who's NOT the micro loans guy
    Amartya Sen
  51. Court case about prayers in public schools
    Engel v Vitale
  52. Legion of the Archangel Michael was a military force in this country
  53. Constantine Prezan was a general in this country
  54. "Cenopythagorean" categories are related to this philosophy
  55. The Metaphysical Club was a meeting of proponents of this philosophy
  56. Leader who issued the Plan de la Noria
    Porfirio Diaz
  57. The Oxus and Jaxartes used to flow into this body of water
    Aral Sea
  58. Prince Rupert of the Rhine was a commander during this war
    English Civil War
  59. Self-Denying Ordinance was passed during this conflict
    English Civil War
  60. Solemn league and Covenant was agreed upon during this war
    English Civil War
  61. Battle of Ourique was won by this country
  62. This country lost the Battle of Three Kings
  63. Argued that language arises from "collective effervescence"
    Emile Durkheim
  64. Created the term "Social Fact"
    Emile Durkheim
  65. Leader of the Taiping Rebellion
  66. Edited the National Philanthropist
    William Lloyd Garrison
  67. Published The Liberator
    William Lloyd Garrison
  68. Eggs are eaten with ashes on this holiday
    Tisha B'Av
  69. Won the Battle of Crocus Field
    Philip of Macedon
  70. Invoked the principle of Pre-Established Harmony
    Gottfried Liebnitz
  71. Battle of Kambula was a turning point in this war
    Zulu War
  72. Female suicide bombers called the Black Widows are from this region
  73. John Chivington led this massacre
    Sand Creek Massacre
  74. Studied under William Graham Sumner
    Thorstein Veblen
  75. Harun al-Rashid was a leader of this polity
  76. This dynasty founded the House of Wisdom
  77. Battle of Rayy was a battle during a civil war in this dynasty
  78. The Tulunids broke off from this empire
  79. Founded by As-Saffah
  80. Jerry Fodor called this man's work "The founding document in cognitive science"
    David Hume
  81. Work/Author whose chapters are titled "Of the Understanding", "Of Morals", and "Of Passions"
    • Treatise of Human Nature
    • David Hume
  82. Philosopher who divided perceptions between "impressions" and "ideas"
    David Hume
  83. Explorer who died at the Battle of York
    Zebulon Pike
  84. Was captured by Spanish and held in Mexico for a year
    Zebulon Pike
  85. Searched for the headwaters of the Red River
    Zebulon Pike
  86. Hannah Arendt wrote her dissertation on this man's concept of love
    Saint Augustine
  87. Operation Product and Operation Crow were operations against this nation
  88. Pearly Bag of the Three Caverns is about this religious figure
    Lao Tzu
  89. Killed his predecessor in La Moneda
  90. His name means "You" and "That"
    Josip Broz Tito
  91. Early in his life, he was a member of the Red Guard in Omsk
    Josip Broz Tito
  92. Took control from Peter II
    Josip Broz Tito
  93. Michelle Bachelet was a president in this country
  94. This work attack's Descartes assumption of the "I"
    Beyond Good and Evil
  95. This work attack's Kant's "Smokescreen"
    Beyond Good and Evil
  96. This work says that Northern and Southern Europeans have different talents for religion
    Beyond Good and Evil
  97. Second largest city in Panama
  98. Russian linguist who influenced Chomsky
    Roman Jakobson
  99. Argument that proves God's existence because it's visible in nature
    Teleological Argument
  100. Proposed a theory of nebulas
    Immanuel Kant
  101. Kouroukan Fuga constitution established this empire
  102. Work that popularized the term "Conventional Wisdom"
    The Affluent Society
  103. Work that discussed the "Dependence Effect"
    The Affluent Society
  104. Work that contains the story "The Bill Collector Cometh"
    The Affluent Society
  105. Battle that occurred a day after the Battle of Ulm
    Battle of Trafalgar
  106. Belem is a region of this city
  107. Abolished slavery as governor in 1799
    John Jay
  108. Event that inspired the Cato Street Conspiracy
  109. Peace River is in this province
  110. Wood Buffalo National Park is in this province
  111. Philosopher who wrote three undergraduate papers on logic
    Thomas Quine
  112. Theory that explains why people's impressions are more influenced by early information
    Primacy Effect
  113. Theory that believes that life is fundamentally fair
    Just world hypothesis
  114. The Kappel Wars took place in this country
  115. Country that beat Austria in the Battle of Morgarten
  116. 1940 law that levied fines and prison sentences for those plotting to overthrow the government
    Smith Act
  117. There is a "New Classical" form of this curve
    Philips Curve
  118. Introduced the term "Epoch"
    Edmund Husserl
  119. Wrote Cartesian Meditations
    Edmund Husserl
  120. School that is based on the study of subjective experience
  121. Founded phenomenology
    Edmund Husserl
  122. Wrote Philosophy of Arithmetic
    Edmund Husserl
  123. Created the term "Egocentric Viewpoint" when one assumes beliefs of familiar individuals
    Edmund Husserl
  124. Wrote a work with Carl Stumpf
    Edmund Husserl
  125. This country was ruled by governors with the title "Ban"
  126. The Ustase were a Fascist group in this country
  127. Hilarion Daza was a president in this country
  128. This country failed to capture a fortress at Nanawa
  129. Formulated the "Master Argument"
    George Berkeley
  130. British Prime Minister who saw the Prufomo Affair
    Harold MacMillan
  131. British Prime Minister who saw the Nassau Agreement
    Harold MacMillan
  132. British anthropologist who founded functionalism
    Alfred Radcliffe-Brown
  133. Came to power after the Genpei War
    Kamakura Shogunate
  134. Shogunate controlled by the Hojo Clan
    Kamakura Shogunate
  135. Japan's First Shogunate
    Kamakura Shogunate
  136. Powerful family during the Heian Period
    Fujiwara Clan
  137. Succeeded Kemal Ataturk as President of Turkey
    Mustafa Inonu
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