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  1. mc extracellular anion
  2. Na/K atpase exchange factor
    3 Na out 2 K in
  3. concentration of K inside cells
  4. cell to cell junctions that anchor cells
  5. gap junctions composed of
    two connexon subunits
  6. how do G proteins differ from tyrosine kinases
    G proteins are intramembrane and are not a single unit receptor/response enzyme
  7. where do thyroid and steroid hormones bind receptors
    • thyroid-nucleus
    • steroids- cytoplasm
  8. initiation factors bind
    RNA polymerase
  9. growth factors affect the cell during what cycle
  10. determines cell cylce length
  11. what is done during the S phase
    protein synthesis and DNA synthesis
  12. gluconeogenesis occurs where
    • liver in cytoplasm
    • to a lesser extent the kidney
  13. breakdown product of fat metabolism
    acetyl CoA
  14. breakdown product of TAGs
    glycerol (which can be used in gluconeogenesis)
  15. smooth er does what
    • lipid and steroid synthesis
    • drug detox
  16. function of golgi apparatus
    modifies proteins with carbohydrates
  17. fate of proteins in golgi
    to cell membrane, then either secreted or targeted to the lysosome
  18. intermediate filaments
    • keratin
    • desmin (muscle)
    • vimentin (fibroblasts)
  19. Protein Kinase C is activated by
    Ca and DAG
  20. acetylcholine activates what in the parietal cell
    phospholipase and ultimately phosphorylase kinase
  21. histamine works on what system in the parietal cell
    adenylate cyclase---protein kinase
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