Health Finals Review Part 1

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  1. What is the hiearchy of needs?
    ranked list of needs essential to human growth and development, presented in ascending order, starting with basic needs and building to needs necessary to reach highest potential
  2. What is mental/emotional health
    the ability to accept yourself and others, adapt to and manage feelings, and to deal with demands and challenges in life
  3. What is self-actualization?
    the striving to reach maximum potential and be all you can possibly be; make all the progress you can
  4. What is personality?
    the complex set of characteristics and personal "quirks" that make every individual unique
  5. What is modeling?
    observing and learning from the behavoirs around you, sometimes subconciously changing to replicate them
  6. What is abstinence?
    utilizing strategies that alloows you to avoid most risk and be protected form unsafe behavoirs
  7. What is personal identity?
    the set of unique assets including your name, hobbies, and more, that make you a unique person
  8. What are development assets?
    building blocks in development that allyou youth to grow up as health, caring, responsible individuals
  9. What is constructive criticism?
    nonhostile comments that point out problems, while encouraging improvement
  10. What are emotions?
    signals that tell your mind and body how to react
  11. What are hormones?
    chemicals secreted by the glands that regulates activity of various body cells
  12. What is empathy?
    tthe ability to imagine or understand exactly how another indiviudal feels
  13. What is hostility?
    the intentional use of unfriendly or offensive behavoir
  14. What are defense mechanisms?
    mental processes that protect individuals from strong or stressful emotions and/or situations
  15. What is suppression?
    holding back or restraining something (usually feelings)
  16. What are some characteristics of mental/emotional health?
    • confidence
    • self-esteem
    • feeling "part-of"
    • sense of purpose
    • positive outlook
    • autonomy
  17. What are some component of your personal identity?
    • name
    • age
    • relations
    • talents
    • interests
    • hobbies
    • accomplishments
    • values
    • beliefs
    • likes
    • dislikes
    • goals
  18. What are some development assets?
    • support
    • empowerment
    • boundaries
    • expectations
    • constructive use of time
    • commitment to learning
    • positive values
    • social competencies
    • positive identity
  19. What are somethings you need to do to have a healthy personal identity?
    recognize your strengths and weaknesses, utilize that knowledge to enhance your life; demonstrate positive values, or guide your actions wisely, based on proper values; develop purpose in life, establish goals and work to achieve them; create meaningful relationships in order to gain healthy feeling of belonging.
  20. What is the importance of analyzing self talk
    considering what you say over and over again, allows you to think about things and not act so hastily, it also gives you constructive criticism, instead of negativity
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