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  1. Medial
    Closest to the medial plane or towards the middle of the body
  2. Cranial
    Toward the head
  3. Hock
    Bones that form the ankle and heel
  4. Caudal
    Toward the tail
  5. Ventral
    Toward the abdomen
  6. Dorsal
    Toward the spine
  7. Hips
    Joints at the uppermost part of the hind legs
  8. Forefoot
    Front foot
  9. Forearms
    Forelegs between the elbow and the wrist
  10. Hindfoot
    Back foot
  11. Thigh
    Upper part of the hind leg
  12. Stifle
    Knee joint above the hock, and near the flank, in the hind leg; rear hock joint bends backwards only
  13. Withers
    Region between the shoulder bones at the base of the neck; this is also the point where the height is usually measured
  14. Tail
    Hind-most part of the spine
  15. Shoulder
    Joint at the uppermost part of the forelegs
  16. Muzzle
  17. Flank
    Side of the body between the ribs and the hip
  18. Loin
    Area located on both sides of the spine between the ribs and hips
  19. Thorax
    Body cavity commonly referred to as the chest
  20. Brisket
    Lower part of the thorax-in front of and also between the forelegs
  21. Abdomen
    Body cavity that lies between chest and pelvis and encloses organs such as the stomach, intestines, liver, spleen and pancreas
  22. Lateral
    Farthest from the medial plane or towards the peripheral of the body
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