Wood and composites

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  1. The reference wood for aircraft structure is?
    Sitka spruce
  2. Evaluations of wood quality must take into account? 3 items
    • Cut of the wood
    • Number of growth rings
    • Slope of the grain
  3. Aviation quality wood is usually ____sawn to minimize what?
    Quarter sawn to reduce shrinkage
  4. Two commonly used glues for modern wood aircraft construction?
    • Epoxy resin
    • Resorcinol
  5. Sandpaper should be used to prepare wood for gluing. True or false
    Should not, fills wood pores and causes poor bonding
  6. 4 time periods critical to their use that almost all adhesives have
    • Pot life
    • Open assembly time
    • Closed assembly time
    • Pressing time
  7. To prevent wood from rotting , it should be treated with?
    Rot preventing sealant
  8. The best finish for internal wood structure is a coat of high quality:
  9. If wood comes up as chunks instead of splinters when picked it is good or rotted?
  10. A wing spar (may or may not) be spliced under the fitting for a lift strut.
    May not
  11. A splayed patch cannot be used in plywood skin that is more than ____-inch thick
  12. The taper for a splayed patch is ?
  13. 3 advantages of composites
    • Light weight and strong
    • Stiffness can be customized
    • Can be made into complex curves
  14. The 3 main parts of a fiber composite are:
    • Fiber
    • Matrix
    • Glue
  15. Two common types of fiberglass?
    • S-glass
    • E-glass
  16. The aromatic polyamide fiber called Kevlar is also known as?
  17. Aramid is ideal for aircraft parts that are subject to:
    High stress and vibration
  18. Carbon fiber has high (compressive or tensile) strength,but causes (electrolytic or galvanic) corrosion when bonded to steel or aluminum
    Compressive, galvanic
  19. Firewalls may be made of _____ fiber
  20. The strength of a fiber is (parallel or perpendicular) to the direction that the threads run
  21. Threads which run the length of the fabric as it comes off the rbolt are referred to as
  22. The tightly woven edge that prevents the edge from unravelling to as?
    Selvedge edge
  23. The ____ runs 45 degrees to the warp
  24. Chopped fibers compressed together is known as?
  25. When all the fibers run in one direction it is known as?
  26. Fabrics are more or less resistant to damage than unidirectional weaves
  27. The 2 catagories of resin matrix are:
    • Thermoplastic
    • Thermosetting
  28. A thermoplastic resin (will or will not) change shape when reheated while a thermosetting resin (will or will not) change. Shape
    Will , will not
  29. Prepreg fabrics must kept _____ to prevent resin from curing
  30. A popular thixotropic agent for use with thermosetting resins to give the resin good body with a minimum weight?
    Glass Micro balloons
  31. Closed cell styrofoam should be used with (epoxy or polyester) resin only
  32. The ribbon direction of the honeycomb is the direction that the honeycomb can be pulled apart. True or false
  33. Procedures for mixing resins are very important to follow. True or false
  34. The working life of the resin is called
    Pot life
  35. The storage life of unopened tins of resin is called
    Shelf life
  36. The core material may be made of ? 3 types
    • Honeycomb
    • Foam
    • Wood
  37. 2 common solvents used in composite work are:
    MEK , acetone
  38. 5 methods used to manufacture laminates?
    • Compression
    • Vacuum bagging
    • Wet lay-up
    • Fiberglass lay-up
    • Wire filming
  39. The 2 purposes of final finishes on composites?
    • Keep an uv and moisture protection
    • Seal the surface
  40. 4 methods to dissipate electrical charge on a composite ?
    • Aluminum wires woven into surface layer
    • Aluminum mesh under the top layer
    • Aluminum flame sprayed on the surface
    • Aluminum foil bonded to the surface
  41. 3 methods for testing and inspecting composites?
    • Tap test
    • Visual
    • Ultra sonic
  42. What may be used to locate flaws by temp variations on the surface of the damaged part?
  43. True or false. X-ray can be used to detect water inside honeycomb
  44. To detect internal delaminations _______ testing may be used.
  45. Scissors with special serrated steel blades are used to cut ?
  46. Whenever possible when drilling composites try to?
    Back up with wood to minimize fraying
  47. Special brad point drills are available for drilling what type of composites
    Aramid or Kevlar
  48. Aluminum oxide sandpaper ____ be used on carbon fiber.
    Must not
  49. (steel, carbide, or diamond) drills work on all types of composites and have a long life.
  50. Water break test is used to detect?
    Oil and grease
  51. Probably the best method to apply pressure to a repair
    Vacuum bagging
  52. If a puncture is less than one inch in diameter is able to be patched by?
  53. Injecting resin and micro balloons into a damaged area to repair is known as?
  54. Separation of laminated layers or core material is called?
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