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  1. What metal alloy is most often used in aircraft construction?
  2. 2 basic types of sheet metal structures used on aircraft are?
    • semi-monocoque
    • Monocoque
  3. A repair to structure must restore original? (3 things)
    • strength
    • shape
    • stiffness
  4. The 5 basic stresses on an aircraft structure are?
    • Tension
    • compression
    • shear
    • torsion
    • bending
  5. The top of the wing spar is subject to tension or compression during flight?
  6. The bottom of the wing is subject to compression or tension during flight?
  7. A torsional stress is a combination of 2 stresses acting in different direction?
    • Compression
    • tension
  8. A properly designed rivet joint is subjected to what 2 stresses and loads?
    • shear
    • tension
  9. If a properly designed rivet joint fails, the rivet will (shear or pull out of the sheet metal) first?
  10. Aircraft structures are most likely to fail at points where stresses (concentrate or release) due to changes in (direction or cross sectional area).
    • concentrate
    • cross-sectional area
  11. To prevent a small crack from spreading you may to what to it?
    stop-drill it
  12. Aluminum alloys (are or are not) suseptable to corrosion?
  13. name the primary alloy agent in each aluminum alloy:
    • copper
    • copper
    • magnesium
    • zinc
  14. Commercially pure aluminum is identified by the number?
  15. The most common alloy used in structures are?
  16. Alclad is made of _______ and rolled onto heat treated aluminum
    pure aluminum
  17. For alclad to be effective it must be protected from?
  18. When aluminum is heated to its critical temperature and quenched it is (solution or precipitation) heat treated?
  19. Artificial aging is another name for _____ heat treatment.
  20. Aluminum alloys may be softened or hardened by annealing?
  21. What is the temper designation for "as fabricated"
  22. What is the temper designation for "Annealed"
  23. What is the temper designation for "Solution heat treated"
  24. What is the temper designation for "Solution heat treated and cold worked"
  25. What is the temper designation for "Solution heat treated and artificially aged"
  26. What is the temper designation for "Strain hardened to quarter temper"
  27. What is the temper designation for "Strain hardened to full hard temper"
  28. Magnesium is lighter or heavier than aluminum?
  29. 3 drawbacks to magnesium as a structural material are?
    • Cracks easily
    • Corrodes easily
    • Burns readily
  30. Titanium is used in areas where high ______ to ______ ratio is needed.
    strength to weight
  31. Stainless steel is suited to areas of _____ temperature.
  32. Where is Stainless steel found commonly?
    Firewalls , exausts
  33. Aluminum alloy faced honeycomb panels are useful as a structural material because of their : 3 things
    • high strength
    • low weight
    • stiffness
  34. 3 methods of preventing corrosion on aluminum?
    • Paint or primer
    • Alclad
    • covering with an oxide film
  35. What are the 3 requirements for corrosion of aluminum
    • Potential difference
    • electrolyte
    • conductive path
  36. Pure aluminum will or will not corrode?
    will not
  37. A protective oxide film will form on aluminum alloy by what 2 means?
    • chemically
    • electrolyticly
  38. What are the 3 groups of stainless steel?
    • Austenitic
    • martensitic
    • ferritic
  39. When repairing a puncture in an aluminum honeycomb panel with a doubler, how thick should it be?
    1.5 times the original skin thickness
  40. Which group of stainless steels are magnetic?
  41. which stainless steel group is not heat treatable?
  42. What is the temper designation for "strain hardened"
  43. What is the temper designation for "strain hardened and partially annealed"?
  44. Designation "Hx4" on aluminum means what?
    Strain hardened to half hard
  45. Aluminum alloy 3003 has what alloy agent?
  46. 6xxx series aluminum is primarily alloyed with?
    magnesium and silicon
  47. 4xxx series aluminum is primarily alloyed with?
  48. 5xxx series aluminum is primarily alloyed with?
  49. 7xxx aluminum is primarily alloyed with?
  50. when using a scale for sheet metal layout you should measure from its end? t or f
  51. Scribes can be used to mark bend lines? t or f
    False , creates stress risers
  52. What should be used to layout sheet metal?
    wax charcoal pencils or felt markers
  53. What can happen if lead pencil is used on hot section parts?
    carbon infuses into the metal and weakens it
  54. What is used to remove rivet tails?
    pin punch
  55. When using a deburring tool be careful not to push to hard so as not to ?
  56. What are the color codes for aviation snips?
    • R=green
    • L=red
    • S=yellow
  57. What is the most common way to cut sheet metal in a shop?
    squaring shear
  58. What color is a 3/32 cleco clamp?
  59. what color are 1/8 " cleco clamps
  60. what color are 5/32 cleco clamps
  61. what color are 3/16 cleco clamps
  62. what is commonly used to bend sheet metal?
    box brake
  63. Rivet lengths are measures in increments of___ and diameters are measured in increments of____.
    • 1/16
    • 1/32
  64. Identify the head shape of ms20426.
  65. Identify the head shape of ms20470.
    universal head
  66. Identify the head shape of an430.
    round head
  67. Identify the head shape of an442.
    flat head
  68. Prior to installing a an426 rivet the metal must be____ or ____.
    • countersunk
    • dimpled
  69. Identify the alloy of the rivets by the mark on the head.
    -no mark
    -raised dot
    • 1100
    • 2117
    • 2017
  70. Identify the alloy of the rivets by the mark on the head.
    -raised dashes
    -raised crosses
    • 2024
    • 5056
  71. Identify the alloy of the rivets by the code.
    • 1100
    • 5606
    • 2117
  72. Identify the alloy of the rivets by the code.
    • 2017
    • 2024
    • 7050
  73. Magnesium skins should be riveted using rivet code__.
  74. Rivet 2017 , identified by code D are commonly called ?
    icebox rivets
  75. Rivets that can be installed without access to both sides are called?
    blind rivets
  76. What is the type of rivet creates a threaded hole for a machine screw once driven?
  77. What 3 types of fasteners used on cowlings commonly?
    • Dzus
    • camloc
    • airloc
  78. On a properly driven rivet the width of the bucked side must be __ times the original size.
  79. On a properly driven rivet the length of the bucked side must be __ times the original diameter size.
  80. The head angle of an ms20426 rivet is _____ degrees?
    100 degrees
  81. When three sheets of metal are dimpled and stacked to be riveted together , they should be ________(coin or radius) dimpled
    Coin dimpled
  82. What type of dimpling is used on magnesium sheets to prevent them from cracking in the dimpling process?
    Hot dimpling
  83. An an470dd6 rivet would be driven by a (one shot or fast hitting) rivet gun?
    One- shot
  84. When practical, bends should be made ( with the grain or across )?
    Across the grain
  85. Buddy riveting , bad rivet is how many taps?
    3 taps
  86. Buddy riveting, how many taps for a good rivet?
    Two taps
  87. Buddy riveting , how many taps to drive the rivet some more?
  88. When installing rivets as per NACA , the manufactured head should be on the inside or outside of the structure?
  89. The point of intersection of the mold lines of two sides of a bend is called?
    Mold point
  90. The distance from the mold point to the bend tangent line is known as?
  91. For a bend of 90 degrees, the setback is calculated with the formula : setback= ____+____
    Br + mt
  92. For a bend more or less than 90 degrees, we apply a correction factor known as?
    K factor
  93. The amount of material actually involved in the bend is known as?
    Bend allowance
  94. What is done to lightning holes to increase stiffness ?
  95. In order for sheet metal prices to be flat against skin and yet have one flat on top of another a process called ______ is used.
  96. Shallow scratches in aluminum may be repaired by?p
  97. When repairing a component or part , you should consult the ?
    Structure repair manual
  98. Why is an octagonal patch preferred to a rectangular patch on a high stressed area?
    Provides a more gradual change from the stresses.
  99. What can be used to replace a hi-shear rivet if you do not have the tools to do it in the field?
    An AN bolt of the right size
  100. What tool is used to form a skin patch to the contour of the fuselage ?
    Slip roll former
  101. When repairing floats , rivets should have this done ?
    Dipped in sealant and driven wet
  102. A sheet metal repair on a pressurized aircraft may require the use of?
  103. Prior to cutting an inspection hole be sue it is in a ?
    Approved area
  104. Control surface repairs must not add weight :
    Behind the hinge line
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