SAT Vocab V27 Packet

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  1. stagnant
    inactive; not moving
  2. patent
    The proposal's patent advantages over other suggestions make it clear to everyone that is should be adopted without delay.
    obvious, evident
  3. sardonic
    bitterly sneering; mocking
  4. repugnant
    distasteful; offensive
  5. prim
    overly proper, precise to the point of affectation; prudish
  6. accolade
    an award or honor; a sign of great respect
  7. redress
    to set right; to remedy
  8. haggard
    appearing tired and thin, as from anxiety, disease, hunger, etc.
  9. expound
    to explain in detail
  10. solace
    confort in a time of distress
  11. constrict
    v. to make smaller or narrower
  12. dearth
    n. scarcity or lack
  13. deplete
    v. to gradually use up (resources, strength, etc.)
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