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  1. Name five functions of the skeletal system.
    • Protection
    • Production of blood cells
    • Leverage
    • Support
    • Storage of minerals and lipids
  2. Name the number of cranial bones present in the skull.
  3. Name the cranial bones.
    (PETS OF)
    • Parietal- 2
    • Ethmoid- 1
    • Temporal- 2
    • Sphenoid- 1
    • Occipital- 1
    • Frontal- 1
  4. Name the number of facial bones present in the skull.
  5. Name the facial bones.
    (Z VoMaN LIP Max)
    • Zygomatic- 2
    • Vomer- 1
    • Mandible- 1
    • Nasal- 2
    • Lacrimal- 2
    • Inferior Nasal Concha- 2
    • Palatine- 2
    • Maxillary- 2
  6. Name the number of associated bones present in the skull.
  7. Name the associated bones of the skull.
    • Auditory ossicles- 6
    • Hyoid- 1
  8. Name the largest facial bone.
  9. Name the depression that separates the condylar and coronoid processes.
    Mandibular notch
  10. Name the four major sutures of the skull.
    • Coronal suture
    • Sagittal suture
    • Lambdoid suture
    • Squamous suture
  11. Name the location of the coronal suture.
    Goes across the frontal bone.
  12. Name the location of the sagittal suture.
    Goes between the parietal bones; runs from the coronal suture to the lambdoid suture.
  13. Name the location of the lambdoid suture.
    Goes around the occipital bone.
  14. Name the location of the squamous suture.
    Goes around the temporal bones.
  15. Name three functions of the sphenoid bone.
    • Forms the cranium floor
    • Connects the cranial and facial bones
    • Acts as a cross-brace and strengthens the sides of the skull
  16. Name the fossa that is the depression within the sella turcica.
    Hypophyseal Fossa
  17. Name the gland that lies within the hypophyseal fossa.
    Pituitary gland
  18. Name the bone that is the location of the crista galli.
    Ethmoid bone
  19. Name the canal that provides passage for the carotid artery.
    Carotid canal
  20. Name the foramen between the occipital and temporal bones that provides passage for a very large vessel.
    Jugular foramen
  21. Name the attachment site for muscles that extend or rotate the head.
    Mastoid process
  22. Name the attachment site for ligaments that support the hyoid bone to the pharynx and tongue.
    Styloid process
  23. Name the foramen that provides passage for facial nerves that control facial muscles.
    Stylomastoid foramen
  24. Name the gland that is responsible for lubricating the surface of the eyes.
    Lacrimal gland
  25. Name the depression of the frontal bone that marks the location of the lacrimal gland.
    Lacrimal fossa
  26. Name the connection between the cranial cavity and the spinal cavity.
    Foramen magnum
  27. Name the number of cervical vertebrae.
    (breakfast time)
  28. Name the number of thoracic vertebrae.
    (lunch time)
  29. Name the number of lumbar vertebrae.
    (dinner time)
  30. Name the vertebras that consist of five bones which begin fusing after puberty.
  31. Name the vertebras that consist of three-five bones which usually begin fusing about age twenty-six.
  32. Name the bone created by the fusion of the atlas (C1) and axis (C2).
    Prominent dens
  33. Name the vertebras that are considered primary curves because they appear late in fetal development.
    • Thoracic vertebras
    • Sacral vertebras
  34. Name the vertebras that are considered secondary curves because they appear several months after birth.
    • Cervical vertebras
    • Lumbar vertebras
  35. Disease that is an exaggerated thoracic curvature.
    (huntch back)
  36. Disease that is an exaggerated lumbar curvature
    (think prego)
  37. Disease that is an abnormal lateral curvature
  38. Name the three processes of the sternum.
    • Manubrium
    • Body
    • Xiphoid
  39. Name the number of pairs of ribs.
    12 ribs
  40. true ribs
    Ribs 1-7
  41. false ribs
    Ribs 8-12
  42. floating ribs
    Ribs 11-12
  43. What bones make up the Calvaria or skullcap?
    • Frontal
    • Occipital
    • Parietal
  44. fontanel closes at age 2
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