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  1. Abate
    to reduce in amount,degree, or severity - As the hurricane's force ABATED, the winds dropped and the sea became calm
  2. Abscond
    to leave secretly - The patron ABSCONDED from the restaurant without paying his bill by sneaking out the back
  3. Abstain
    to choose not to do something - She ABSTAINED from choosing a mouthwatering dessert from the tray
  4. Abyss
    an extremely deep hole - The submarine drove into the ABYSS to chart the previously unseen depths
  5. Adulterate
    to make impute - The chef made his ketchup last longer by ADULTERATING it with water
  6. Advocate
    to speak in favor of - The vegetarian ADVCOATED a diet containing no meat
  7. Aesthetic
    concerning the appreciation of beauty - Followers of the AESTHETIC Movement regarded the pursuit of beauty as the only true purpose of art
  8. Aggrandize
    to increase in power,influence, and reputation - The supervisor sought to AGGRANDIZE herself by claiming that the achievements of her staff were actually her own
  9. Alleviate
    to make more bearable - Taking aspirin helps to ALLEVIATE a headache
  10. Amalgamate
    to combine, to mix together - Giant Industries AMALGAMATED with Mega Products to form Giant-Mega Products Incorporated
  11. Amibiguous
    doubtful or uncertain,able to be interpreted several ways - The directions she gave were so AMBIGUOUS that we disagreed on which way to turn
  12. Ameliorate
    to make better, to improve - The doctor was able to AMELIORATE the patient's suffering using painkillers
  13. Anachronism
    something out of place in time - The aged hippie used ANACHRONISTIC phrases like groovy and far out that had not been used for years
  14. Analogous
    similar or alike in some way, equivalent to - In the Newtonian construct for explaining the existence of God, the universe is ANALOGOUS to a mechanical timepiece, the creation of a divinely intelligent "clockmaker".
  15. Anomaly
    deviation from what is normal - Albina animals may display too great an ANOMALY in their coloring to attract normally colored mates
  16. Antagonize
    to annoy or provoke to anger - The child discovered that he could ANTAGONIZE the cat by pulling its tail
  17. Antipathy
    extremely dislike - The ANTIPATHY between the French and the English regularly erupted into open warfare.
  18. Apathy
    lack of interest or emotion - The APATHY of voters is so great that less than half the people who are eligible to vote actually bother to do so
  19. Arbitrate
    to judge a dispute between two opposing parties - Since the couple could not come to agreement, a judge was forced to ARBITRATE their divorce proceedings
  20. Archaic
    ancient,old fashioned - Her ARCHAIC Commodore computer could not run the latest software
  21. Ardor
    intense and passionate feeling - Bishop's ARDOR for the landscape was evident when he passionately described the beauty of the scenic Hudson Valley.
  22. Articulate
    able to speak clearly and expressively - She is such an ARTICULATE defender of labor that unions are among her strongest supporters
  23. Assauge
    to make something unpleasant less severe - Serena used aspirin to ASSAUGE her pounding headache
  24. Attenuate
    to reduce in force or degree,to weaken - The Bill of Rights ATTENUATED the traditional power of governments to change laws at will
  25. Audacious
    fearless and darling - Her AUDACIOUS nature allowed her to fulfill her dream of skydiving
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