Nursing process in drug therapy and safety

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  1. Assessment
    information gathering regarding the current status of a particular patient, including evaluation of past history and physical examination; provides a baseline of information and clues to effectiveness of therapy
  2. Evaluation
    part of the nursing process; determining the effects of the interventions that were instituted for the patient and leading to further assessment and intervention
  3. Implementation
    actions undertaken to meet a patient's needs, such as administration of drugs, comfort measures, or patient teaching
  4. Nursing
    the art of nurturing and administering to the sick, combined with the scientific application of chemistry, anatomy, physiology, biology, nutrition, psychology, and pharmacology to the particular clinical situation
  5. Nursing diagnosis
    statement of an actual or potential problem, based on the assessment of a particular clinical situation, which directs needed nursing interventions
  6. Nursing Process
    the problem-solving process used to provide efficient nursing care; it involves gathering information, formulating a nursing diagnosis statement, carrying out interventions, and evaluating the process
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