Ch11 Wigs & Hair Additions

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  1. Describe the difference between Wigs & Hairpeices:
    • Wigs- are designed to cover the entire head.
    • Hairpeices- are designed to cover only specific areas of the head.
  2. Hairpeices & Wigs are made with what materials?
    They can be made with human hair, animal hair, synthetic fibers, or a blend of all of these.
  3. Why are Human Hair wigs so much more expensive?
    Because the supply of human hair for manufacturing is limited.
  4. Describe the match test of a wig or hairpiece:
    It is where you pull out several strands & hold them over a match flame. Human hair will burn slow & produce and oder, were synthetic fiber will either "ball up" (melt) & extinguish OR burn very fast & produce no oder.
  5. What Animal Hair is used most often for wigs or hairpieces.
    Yak, Angora, Horse, or Sheep Hair.
  6. Describe the J&L Ring:
    Standard hair color ring (70 colors) Used by wig & hairpiece manufacturers.
  7. Describe:
    a) Cap Wig:
    b) Capless Wig:
    • a) Cap wig: Consist of elastcized mesh fiber base to which the hair fiber is attached.
    • b) Capless Wig: Consist of rows of hair wefts sewn to elastic. They're light, cool & cofortable.
  8. Describe:
    a) Hand Tied
    b) Machine Made
    c) Semi Hand Made
    • a) Hand Tied: wig/hairpiece produced by hand tying strands of hair into fine meshwork/foundation.
    • b) Machine Made: Hair fiber sewn into long strips called wefts, then sewn onto cap in a circular, crisscross pattern.
    • c) Semi Hand Made: Combination of Hand Tied & Machine Made.
  9. What are the different ways to customize a wig?
    Wig measurment, & fitting. Instructions on how to put wig on, blocking cleaningm cutting, coloring, & styling.
  10. How often should human hair wigs be cleaned?
    Every 2-4 weeks
  11. How often should synthetic wigs be cleaned?
    Every 6-12 weeks.
  12. What solutions should be used to cleanse wigs?
    Liquid-Dry Cleansing Shampoo, & Conditioning Spray. (Wig Cleansing Products)
  13. What coloring services are available for human hair wigs?
    Temporary rinses, Semi-Permanent colors, Fillers, or Low-Level (darker) Oxidative colors.
  14. What coloring services are available for synthetic wigs?
    They shouldn't have color applied to them.
  15. What tools are generally used for cutting:
    a) Synthetic Wigs
    b) Human Hair Wigs
    • a) Synethetic Wigs: Comb, Shears, Thinning Shears.
    • b) Human Hair Wigs: Comb, Shears, Razor, Thinning Shears.
  16. List the different hairpieces:
    • 1) Wiglets
    • 2) Cascade
    • 3) Fall
    • 4) Switch
    • 5) Chignon
    • 6) Curl Segment
    • 7) Braid
    • 8) Toupee
  17. Describe Hair Additions:
    Consist of loose hair fiber intended for attachment to the base of clients own hair, offering a wide opption of styles, lengths, density, texture/color, & effects.
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