Psych Ch. 2 Final

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  1. Longitudinal study
    • research method where data is collected about a group of participants over a number of yrs
    • used to asses how certain characteristics change/remain the same during development
  2. Cross-sectional study
    • research method where data is collected from groups of participants of different ages
    • these are compared to draw conclusions about differences due to age
  3. Correlation
    measure of a relationship between two varibles/sets of data
  4. Independent varible
    variable that is changed/altered to observe its effects
  5. Dependent variable
    varible that changes in relation to the independent varibale
  6. Experimental group
    the group that an independent variable is applied to
  7. Control group
    group treated the same way as the experimental group except the experimental treatment(I.V.) is not applied
  8. Self-fulfilling prophecy
    situation in which a researcher's expectations influence that person's own behavior, thereby influencing the participant's behavior
  9. Hawthorne Study
    • Study on how to increase worker productivity
    • at General Electric plant in Hawthorne, Illinois
    • productivity increased no matter what they did- the workers realized they were recieving special attention which motivated them to work harder
  10. Single-blind experiment
    where the participants are unaware of which partivipants recieved the treatment
  11. Double-blind experiment
    where the experimenter and the participants do not know which participants recieved which treatment
  12. Milgram Experiment
    Stanley Milgram wanted to see if participants would give painful shocks to others merely because an authority figure had instructed them to do so
  13. Placebo effect
    change in participant's illness/behavior resulting from a belief that the treatment will have an effect, rather than the actual treatment
  14. Mean
    the average
  15. Median
    middle (ex. Score)
  16. Mode
    most frequent (ex. Score)
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