Surgical Anatomy

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  1. What is the drainage of the left testicular vein
    Left renal vein
  2. What is the drainage of the right testicular vein?
  3. What is Gerota's fascia?
    Fascia surrounding the kidney
  4. What is the gubernaculum?
    Embryologic structure that connects the testes to the scrotal sac; used to help manipulate the testes during indirect hernia repair
  5. Whar artery bleeds in bleeding duodenal ulcers?
  6. What is the name of the lymph nodes between the pec minor and pec major?
    Rotter's lymph nodes
  7. Is the left vagus n posterior or anterior?
    Anterior, due to rotation of the esophagus during embryonic development
  8. What is Morrison's pouch?
    The hepatorenal recess, most posterior cavity within the peritoneal cavity
  9. What are the boundaries of the foregut?
    Mouth to ampulla of Vater
  10. What are the boundaries of the midgut?
    Ampulla of Vater to distal third of transverse colon
  11. What are the boundaries of the hindgut?
    Distal third of transverse colon to anus
  12. What is the order of the femoral vessels?
    From lateral to medial: Nerve, Artery, Vein, Extralymphatic tissue, Lymphatics
  13. What is Hesselbach's triangle?
    The area bordered by the inguinal ligament, the epigastric vessels, and the lateral border of the rectus sheath
  14. What nerve is located on top of the spermatic cord?
    Ilioinguinal nerve
  15. What is Calot's triangle?
    The area bordered by the cystic duct, common hepatic duct, and cystic artery; contains Calot's node
  16. What separates the right and left lobes of the liver?
    Cantle's line; a line drawn from the IVC to just left of the gallbladder fossa
  17. What is the gastrinoma triangle?
    • A triangle where over 90% of gastric cancers are located, bordered by:
    • 1. Junction of the second and third portion of the duodenum
    • 2. Cystic duct
    • 3. Pancreatic neck
  18. Which artery is responsible for anterior spinal syndrome?
    Artery of Adamkiewicz
  19. What is the space of Retzius?
    The preperitoneal space anterior to the bladder
  20. What are the white lines of Toldt?
    The lateral peritoneal reflections of the ascending and descending colon
  21. What is the strongest layer of the small bowel?
  22. Which parts of the GI tract do not have a serosa?
    • Esophagus
    • Middle rectum
    • Distal rectum
  23. What is the vein that overlies the pylorus?
    Vein of Mayo
  24. What does the thoracic duct empty into?
    Left subclavian, at its junction with the left internal jugular
  25. What is the coronary vein?
    Left gastric vein
  26. Which renal vein is longer?
  27. What are the layers of the abominal wall?
    • Skin, fat
    • Scarpa's fascia, fat
    • External oblique
    • Internal oblique
    • Transversus abdominis
    • Transversalis fascia
    • Perperitoneal fat
    • Peritoneum
  28. What are the plicae circulares?
    Circular folds of mucosa that encircle the small bowel, also called valvulae conniventes
  29. What are the major structural differences between the jejunum and the ileum?
    • Jejunum--long vasa rectae, large plicae circulares, thick wall
    • Ileum--shorter vasa rectae, small plicae circulares, thinner wall
  30. How far up does the diaphragm extend?
    To the fourth intercostal (level of nipples in men)
  31. What dermatome is at the umbilicus?
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