Psych Ch. 8 Final

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  1. Absolute threshold
    the weakest amount of a stimulus that a person can detect half the time
  2. Difference threshold
    smallest change in a physical stimulus that can be detected between two stimuli
  3. Weber's Law
    principle that the larger/stronger a stimulus, the larger the change required for an observer to notice a difference
  4. Preattentive process
    • method for extracting info. automatically when presented w/ stimuli
    • Ex.- Reading words
  5. Attentive process
    • procedure that considers only one part of the stimuli presented at a time
    • Ex.- saying the colors of colored words
  6. Optic nerve
    carries impulses from retina to the brain
  7. Rods
    • light sensitive receptor cells in the retina (at back of eye)
    • see black & white
  8. Cones
    • light sensitive receptor cells in the retina (at back of eye)
    • See in color
  9. Auditory nerve
    nerve that carries impulses from inner ear to brain, causing sensation of sound
  10. Olfactory nerve
    nerve that carries smell impulses from nose to brain
  11. Conduction deafness
    • Where anything hinders motion through the outer/middle ear or where sound cannot be carried inward into the ear
    • usuall helped w/ a hearing aid
  12. Sensorineural deafness
    • happens when there is damage to the cochlea (hair cells) or the auditory neurons
    • can be helped with a cochlear implant (implanted into the cochlea)
  13. Cochlear implats
    • miniature electronic device that is surgically implanted into the cochlea
    • changes sound waves to electrical signals- fed into auditory nerve, which carries them to the brain
  14. Gate Control Theory
    lessen pain by shifting attention away or sending other signals to compete w/ the pain signals
  15. Synesthesia
    • the crossing of the senses
    • Ex.- experiencing colors as smells
  16. Baskmasking
    a "recording technique" where a sound or message is recorded backward onto a track (or that's just what people think)
  17. Relative height
    where objects that appear farther away from another object are higher on your plane of view
  18. Linear perspective
    based on fact that parallel lines converge when stretched into the distance
  19. Telepathy
    involves reading someone else's mind or transferring one's thoughts
  20. Psychokinesis
    involves moving objects through purely mental effort
  21. Precognition
    ability to foretell events
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