Oregon specialty code

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  1. Under article 230.43 of the NEC wiring methods for 600V, nominal, or less, what two wiring methods are not allowed for the service entrance conductors? What are they allowed for instead? Oregon Specialty Code 2011
    Type MC cable and FMC are limited to traffic control devices and highway lighting poles.
  2. Under 230.70A1 of the NEC an exception exists with Oregon specialty code what is this? Regarding service panel or meter base change out, and readily accessible locations. Oregon Specialty Code
    This states that basically in existing installations where only the service panel or meter base is changed and existing service conductors, or the existing conduit is of sufficient size to install new conductors the panel may remain at the present location providing all requirements (space about equipment and over-current protection) are met and does not require a main disconnect located nearest point of entry.
  3. NEC 250.24A1 states the grounding electrode conductor connection shall be made at any accessible point from the load and of the service drop for service lateral to and including the terminal or bus to which the grounded service conductor is connected at the service disconnecting means. Oregon specially code amends this how? Oregon Specialty Code 2011
    When the election utility has installed a GFP system at the customer service equipment no bonding or electrical connection from the ground electrode system shall be made to the grounded service conductor on the load side of utility ground fault sensing device. Warning signs shall be posted.
  4. NEC 250.32 buildings or structures supplied by a feeder or branch circuits, is amended by the Oregon specialty code to allow what exception? Oregon Specialty Code 2011
    This allows separate buildings or structures to not have equipment grounding conductor ran to them and alievs the requirements of Part III of article 250; bonding.
  5. Per NEC 250.52A32 When a concrete incased electrode system is used what does the Oregon special code say about it?
    The minimum size of half inch reinforcing bar or Rod Shall be stubbed up at least 12 inches above the floor plate or floor level whichever is the highest near the service entrance panel location.
  6. Per OESC 250.52b3 What is an addition to metal underground gas piping systems and aluminum not being allowed to be used as a grounding electrode?
    In an existing electrical installation, when a service change or upgrade occurs, an existing metal underground water-pipe shall not be used unless the metal underground water pipe has been verified and suitable for continued use As a grounding electrode, an existing metal underground water pipe shall be bonded to the new grounding electrode system as required by 250.104a
  7. OESC 250.94 allows what be used for an intersystem bonding termination, provided externally to enclosures at the service equipment or metering equipment enclosure and at the disconnecting means for any additional buildings or structures.
    An intersystem bonding termination or exposed and supported length of number six bare copper conductor.
  8. OESC 250.118(14) where metallic conduit is installed on rooftops what will be done?
    An equipment grounding conductor shall be provided within the raceway and sized per section 250.122 .
  9. OESC 334.12a2 states what about NM cable exposed in dropped or suspended ceilings and other than one and two family and multifamily dwellings?
    NM cable shall follow the surface of the building finish or of running boards.
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