Psych Ch. 16 Final

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  1. DSM
    • stands for Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
    • used to classify mental disorders
    • keeps changing (Ex.- DSM-IV came out in 1994)
  2. Fear
    reaction to real & identifiable threats
  3. Phobia
    intense irrational fear of a particular object/situation
  4. OCD
    • stands for obsessive compulsive disorder
    • uncontrollable pattern of thoughts & repeatedly performing irrational actions
  5. Dissociative identity disorder
    • also known as multiple personality disorder
    • person has two or more personality states, each w/ its own patterns of thinking & behaving
  6. Schizophrenia
    • group of disorders characterized by confused & disconnected thoughts, emotions, & perceptions
    • hearing voices
  7. Bipolar disorder
    where an individual alternates between feelings of euphoria and depression
  8. Post-traumatic stress disorder
    where victims of traumatic events experience the original event in the form of dreams/flashbacks
  9. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD)
    • struggle w/ depression throught winter
    • happier only w/ the coming of spring
  10. Munchausen's syndrome
    • basically inflicting physical problems (ex. rashes, vomiting) to look like symptoms of something major, causing a physician to take extraordinary measures to save their life
    • Those who suffer have developed great sensitivity to emotional pain- will use any mentods possible to avoid feeling it
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