Psychology Definitions #3

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  1. Empirical studies
    Studies that aim to generate data based on experiences; for example, by conducting observations and experiments
  2. Induction problem
    The problem that arises because our past experiences do not serve as a totally reliable guide to our future experiences
  3. Sociocultural perspective
    A perspective based on the idea that society and culture shape cognition
  4. Enculturation
    A process through which people adopt specific cultural practices and act in accordance with cultural norms
  5. Biology
    The science of living things
  6. Physiology
    The study of the structure and function of the body
  7. Emergent property
    A property exhibited by a combination of components, which is not evident when looking at the properties of the individual components alone
  8. Dualism
    A philosophical perspective that draws an absolute distinction between the brain and mind (largely rejected now)
  9. Cell
    A basic building block of an organism
  10. Neuron
    A type of cell forming part of the nervous system that is specialised for processing information
  11. Nervous system
    The collection of cells in the body, such as neurons, that handles and processes information
  12. Motivation
    A tendency to engage in a particular type of behaviour, such as feeding
  13. Regulation
    The maintenance of stable conditions for bodily variables such as temperature
  14. Homeostatis
    The tendency of certain parameters of the body to remain nearly constant and action to be taken when they deviate from normal values
  15. Genotype
    The collection of all genes within the cell of a given individual
  16. Differentiation
    The changes that occur within cells during development, such that they come to serve particular roles
  17. Cell body
    The part of a neuron that contains the nucleus, amongst other things
  18. Regulation
    The maintenance of stable conditions for bodily variables such as temperature
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