Psychology Definitions #4

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  1. Process
    A part of a neuron, an extension
  2. Neural system
    A combination of neurons that serve a particular role
  3. Spinal cord
    A collection of neurons housed within the backbone
  4. Central nervous system
    The brain and spinal cord
  5. Peripheral nervous system
    The part of the nervous system that is outside the brain and spinal cord
  6. Detector
    A neuron or part of a neuron that is sensitive to events in the world, such as touch or tissue damage
  7. Hormone
    A chemical that is secreted into the blood at one location, is transported into the blood, and effects action at a distant site
  8. Nucleus
    The component of the cell body that contains the genetic material
  9. Chromosome
    The structure within which genes are located
  10. Gamete
    A generic term for egg cells of the female and sperm cells of the male
  11. Replication
    The process of producing cells from the original precursor cell, the fertilized egg cell
  12. Phenotype
    The physical structure and behaviour of an animal that arises from the interaction of the genotype and the environment
  13. Action potential
    A brief and sudden change in electrical voltage in a cell and the means by which information is transmitted by neurons
  14. Sensory neuron
    A type of neuron that is specialized to detect information and convey it to the central nervous system
  15. Motor neuron
    A type of neuron that is specialised to convey information from the central nervous system to muscles
  16. Synapse
    The junction between a neuron and another cell
  17. Neurotransmitter
    A chemical that is released from a neuron and influences a neighbouring cell
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