Psychology Definitions #5

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  1. Excitation
    The effect that a neuron has on a neighbouring cell such that the second cell is more likely to exhibit action potential
  2. Inhibition
    The effect that a neuron has on a neighbouring cell such that the second cell is less likely to exhibit action potentials
  3. Receptor cell
    A cell specialised to detect, for example, light
  4. Rods and cones
    Types of receptor cell specialised to detect light
  5. Ganglion cell
    A type of cell in the visual system, part of the route conveying information from receptors in the eye to the brain
  6. Optic nerve
    The collection of neurons that convey information from the eye to the brain
  7. Nerve
    A collection of neurons in the peripheral nervous system, rather like a cable made of a number of electrical wires
  8. Receptive field
    The part of a sensory surface, such as the retina, which when stimulated influences a neuron
  9. Enzyme
    A chemical that has an influence on another chemical
  10. Reuptake
    The process of inactivation of a neurotransmitter by taking it back into the same neuron that released it
  11. Placebo effect
    An effect obtained by an apparently neutral procedure, which owes its efficacy to a belief by the patient that a therapeutic intervention has taken place
  12. Dysphoria
    A negative mood
  13. Hemisphere
    One half of the upper part of the brain
  14. Cerebral cortex
    The outer layer of the brain
  15. Lateral geniculate nucleus
    A part of the visual system that is a collection of cell bodies of neurons
  16. Corpus callosum
    A bundle of processes of neurons which connect one hemisphere with another
  17. Lesion
    Damage to a region of the brain, for example in an accident or in surgery
  18. Somatic nervous system
    A division of the nervous system, which which controls skeletal muscles
  19. Skeletal muscle
    A type of muscle attached to the skeleton, responsible for moving parts of the body such as the arm
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