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  1. Storm drains should not be used except where the slope of the ground is not suited for ditches, gutters, flumes, and where ___?
    space is restricted
  2. which of these conditions is a function of subsurface drainage?
    all of the above
  3. the method to lay out an area for drainage structures primarily depends on ___?
    distance to be covered
  4. if you are installing culverts or storm drains, the bottom of the trench should be
    shaped to fit the pipe
  5. notches are left in the center of check dams to
    allow for the normal flow of water
  6. How can you eliminate silting inside a culvert when the grade must be flatter than the inlet ditch grade?
    use a sump at the inlet
  7. what can you do if you want to funnel water into the inlet of a culvert?
    flare the end walls
  8. intercepting subsurface drainage is required when __
    groundwater is within 1 foot of the base course
  9. what type of structure is constructed when filling a ditch or trench with broken or crushed rock?
    french drain
  10. french drains are not recommended for permanant construction because they have __?
    a tendancy to silt up
  11. you should treat the bottom of vertical dry wells with calcium chloride or hay to __
    prevent freezing
  12. holes in perforated pipe should be placed up when __
    the structure is to be placed along the side of the pavement
  13. after you place either you impervious soil layer or filter material for a subsurface structure, make sure the bottom of the trench is
    shaped to fit the pipe
  14. what type of drainage inspection should you do during or immediately after a rain storm?
  15. where a drain is blocked because of pipe collapse, you should find the blockage by
    probing with cleaning rods
  16. what can you do to correct erosion in front of a check dam?
    build a spillway
  17. to control erosion at the outlet end of the culvert, you should ___?
    flare the end walls
  18. you should install a drop inlet at the end of a culvert to ?
    control silting
  19. if a subsurface drain becomes clogged, it can be cleaned by ?
    flushing with high pressured water
  20. which soil horizon is the base for all types of pavement construction
  21. which soil classification is made up of sand and gravel and has 50 percent or less passing thru the 200 sieve?
    course grained
  22. if you are laying out an area for concrete, how many inches on each side should you allow for the width of the forms?
  23. what is the only real difference between laying out a large area and a small area?
    amount of work
  24. you should place the first centerline stake for concrete at the ___
    beginning of the project
  25. what symbol should be on a stake placed where a curve returns to a straightaway?
  26. on a centerline stake, where is the amount of earthwork to be done marked?
  27. work drawings usually begin by showing
    the boundaries
  28. what basic symbol in work drawings requires the greatest understanding
  29. what line in a drawing outlines a specific item to be illustrated?
    object line
  30. what is meant by a line composed of a series of short dashes on a drawing?
    it represents a hidden line
  31. what is used by the engineer to convey their ideas and thoughts?
  32. what would be the first thing to get to prepare a working drawing?
    required tools
  33. when preparing a sketch for a sidewalk, which step should you perform first?
    physically check to construction site
  34. what should you add to your working sketch?
    special instructions
  35. how are the crosshairs brought into focus on the dumpy level?
    by rotating the eyepiece
  36. what device on the self leveling level is used to center the bubble on the bull eye?
    the leveling screw
  37. when you carry the engineer level between points on a survey, you should ___?
    leave the instrument on the tripod
  38. before embedding the third leg on the tripod, when would it be necessary to move the leg in or out?
    to level the head slightly
  39. when you are setting up the tripod on steeply surfaces, place the third leg __
  40. what person takes the rod reading when using a target?
  41. to determine the height of your instrument, you add the benchmark elevation to what reading taken from the leveling rod?
  42. the laser level operates at what RPM?
    600 RPM
  43. how many satellites make up the gps system?
  44. gps operates off of what type of signal?
  45. what is the most common length carpenter level we use on small projects?
    4 ft
  46. what type of cut is made to lower the grade for the road or the runway?
  47. which piece of equipment is not recommended for excavating large areas?
  48. no matter what method of excavation you use, you must completely remove___?
    A Horizon Soils
  49. one purpose of mechanical stabilization is to __?
    increase the drainage
  50. sands and gravel that contain silts and clay are best compacted with ___
    pneumatic tired rollers
  51. which function does a blanket or insulating course serve?
    helps reduce frost action
  52. skip
  53. skip
  54. skip
  55. how many cubic feet are in one cubic yard?
  56. to compensate for low spots in the subgrade when you are computing base course materials ,what percentage of the computed volume?
    5 percent
  57. the type of portland cement that is slightly resistant to alkaline soil or water is type ___
  58. the type of portland cement used when high strength is required in a very short time is type ___
  59. what type of portland cement is used in large masses of concrete such as large dams?
  60. in a concrete mixture what shape of agregate produces a stronger mixes?
  61. the air volume of air entraining agents makes up what percent of the total volume?
    4 to 5 percent
  62. one purpose of air entraining agent is to __
    increase resistance to the action of chemicals
  63. what is generally considered to be the third dimension in measurement?
  64. when ordering concrete how much excess should you order?
    5 percent
  65. what executive order number mandated metric usage in federal govt programs?
  66. skip
  67. what type of string should you use as a guide to setting forms?
  68. if a dowel is to be placed across an expansion joint, it must be ___
  69. you can prevent wooden keyways from cracking by?
    oiling and grooving with a saw kerf
  70. what is the purpose in using tie bars in concrete?
    holds slabs together
  71. what does the slump test of a concrete mix measure
    the consistency
  72. the main factors effecting concrete strength is the ___?
    water cement ratio and hydration thats occured
  73. when cardboard molds are used in a compressor strenght test both ends of the cylinders should be ___
  74. how long should the first cubic yard of concrete be mixed in the portable concrete mixer?
    1 minute
  75. when a transit truck is used the concrete should be delivered and discharged within ___
    one and a half hours
  76. when transporting concrete you should be careful to prevent?
  77. what is the most widely used mechanical method for consolidating concrete?
  78. when must floating be completed?
    before bleed water accumulates on the service
  79. what type of joint is installed to relieve compressive stresses of slab?
  80. if you want a dense smooth surface follow the initial floating by ___
    steel trowling
  81. which curing method should you not use when discoloration is objectionable?
    plastic films
  82. when should you apply chemical membranes?
    as soon as the concrete is finished
  83. what is the most important part of landscaping?
  84. you can not conduct a walking inspection when ___
    time is a critical factor
  85. the pavement preventive maintanence plan should as a minimum relate to all of the following except __?
    cost of materials
    work done
    date of inspection
    recomended maintanence
    cost of materials
  86. in what UFC can the guidance concerning pavement maintanence management be found?
    UFC 3-270-05
  87. the defect characterized by chipping or breaking away of concrete at joint cracks or edges is
  88. the diameter of a random crack saw blade is about __
    5 inches
  89. what do 2 part sealants need before application
  90. what sealant may cause bubbling problems?
    SS - S - 1401
  91. the most common way to detect an unsound pavement is to use __
    sounding rod
  92. how far from a defect should you make marks for pavement repair?
    at least 4 inches
  93. when you saw concrete you should adjust the blade to cut a miniumim depth of
    2 inches
  94. what should you do once a pnuematic drill as begun to penetrate pavement?
    slowly increase the speed
  95. for breaking concrete slabs the class of pneumatic hammer most commonly used is
    30 to 90 pounds
  96. when should you apply bonding agents?
    immediately before the repair material is placed
  97. when sawing defective concrete make your first saw cut a minimum of ___
    2 feet away from the joint
  98. for what reason should you add calcium chloride to a concrete mixture?
    to increase the concretes early strength
  99. what type of apoxy can be used for repairing spalls or filling saw kerfs?
    type 3
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