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  1. how many ways are used to grade asphalt cement?
  2. which of the followin equipment is used to measure binder properties at low temps?
  3. todays asphalt cements are graded according to ?
    performance grade
  4. mixing asphalt cement with what material produces medium curing cutback?
  5. what is the only asphalt material produced in the viscosity grade of 30?
  6. what type of asphalt emulsion has little or no ability to mix with an agregate?
  7. which of the following types of asphalt emulsions have been developed for slurry seals
  8. which of these materials can be used with damp agregate?
    asphalt emulsion
  9. skip
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  13. bitinius surfaces must be constructed on bases that are reasonably dry and free from __?
    caked mud or dust
  14. bitinius construction normally should be suspended go below ___
    50 degrees
  15. which of the following is not a purpose of a prime coat?
    hardeneds the surface
    waterproofs the surface
    bonds loose soil particles
    adheres an underlyin paving surface to a new surface
    adheres an underlying paving surface to a new surface
  16. because of enviromental concerns the best materials to be used as prime coats are __?
  17. what types of emulsions are used on the more granular or open type bases?
  18. at what approximate rate should primers be applied with an asphalt distributor?
    0.10 - to 0.25 gallons per square yard
  19. which of these materials is recommended for tack coats?
    SS -1.
    SS - 1
  20. what is the most widely used type of flexible pavement construction?
    central plant mix
  21. what is the most accurate way of mixing road mix?
    travel plant
  22. what shape should a load of hot mix asphalt have in the bed of a dump truck?
  23. when spreading bitinious materials by hand, you should be extremely careful to prevent ?
  24. blade spreading operations to place bitinious materials usually result in __
    poor edges
  25. what advantage of bitumious paver over a motor grader is that the butumious paver ___
    uses less spreading time
  26. the maximum speed of steel wheel rolled rollers should not exceed __
    3 mph
  27. break down rolling is best done with ____
    steel wheeeled rolllers
  28. where should the break down rolling start?
    the low side
  29. how far from the lower unsupported edge should the rolling process start for thick lift construction?
    12 to 15 inches
  30. under which of the following conditions would you operate the steel wheeled roller with the tiller wheel forward?
    the grade is excessive
  31. how many coverages should be made with the pneumatic tired roller during the intermediate rolling?
    at least 3
  32. finish rolling is done solely to
    improve the surface
  33. what types of cracks are inter connected and form a series of small blocks resembling chicken wire?
  34. normally edge cracks are aggrevated by __
    lack of side or shoulder support
  35. what type of crack in flexible pavement is caused by a lack of bond between the surface layer and the course beneath?
  36. where do corrogations in flexible pavement normallly occur?
    at points where traffic breaks and accelerates
  37. which of the following is a cause of depressions in flexible pavement?
    poor construction methods
  38. the progressive loss of surface material from flexible pavement by traffic abrasion is called ___
  39. what is the most common cause of a slippery flexible pavement?
    thin film of water
  40. bleeding in flexible pavement normallly occurs in
    hot weather
  41. when should flexible pavement be inspected?
    spring and fall
  42. during an inspection of flexible pavements you should try to determine ____
    the cause of the failure
  43. which of the folllowin types of sealer can be used satisfactorily with most types of asphalt pavements?
    SS - S - 1401
  44. small and medium cracks in flexible pavement can be sealed individualy with a ___
    prepared join sealer
  45. large cracks in pavement is repaired the same way as ___
    pot holes
  46. what item is used to force sealing material into the cracks in flexible pavements?
    a squeegy
  47. which item should you use to mark defective flexible pavement?
  48. as you mark an area for removal of defective flexible pavement, how far into the good pavement should you make your marks?
    12 inches
  49. when removing defective flexiblle pavement you should remove base course materials until __
    you reach firm dry material
  50. when repairing defective flexible pavement you should place and compact the base course materials in ___
    2 to 3 inch layers
  51. what is the final step in the preperation of a hole for flexible pavement repair?
    apply a tack coat to the vertical faces
  52. when should the rolling operation for pavement repair using hot mix begin?
    immediately after the material is placed
  53. a completed flexible pavement patch should be level with the surrounding area or ___
    1/8th inch higher
  54. surface treatments produce a pavement with a thickness of ___
    1 inch or less
  55. which of the following is not a purpose of bitumionus surface treatment?
    strengthen the surface
  56. what should be used to seal hairline cracks in flexible pavements?
    a fog seal
  57. what type of surface treatment is used to seal surface voids in new asphalt plant mixes?
    fog seal
  58. as soon as the aggregate is spread for a single surface treatment, it is pushed into the soft asphalt by rolling it with a ___
    pneumatic tired roller
  59. about how much of the individual aggregate stones in a single surface treatment should be exposed to traffic?
  60. which of the following materials can be used as a binder for a single surface treatment?
    RS - 2
  61. the asphalt for a single surface treatment should be covered with agregate within ___
    one minute
  62. each additional layer of agregate for a multiple surface treatment should be about
    half the size of the previous layer
  63. one purpose of an emulsion slurry seal is to
    prevent moisture intrusion into the pavement
  64. a slurry seal is normally applied ___
    1/16th to 1/8th inch thick
  65. immediately before a slurry the pavement surface should be thoroughly cleaned broomed and ___
    moistened with a light application of water
  66. what type of road shoulder exists along narrow pavements, inside curves, and at intersections?
    dual type
  67. which of type of fence is made of barbed wire three strand 4 feet high?
    type B-1
  68. which type of fence is made of concertina or razor wire?
    type C
  69. what item is used to secure the draw bars to the end or terminal posts?
    offset band
  70. what item is used to extend the height of security fence?
    barbed wire
  71. when you are installing a security fence at what maximum distance apart should you place line posts?
    10 feet
  72. how far into the ground should line posts be placed?
    24 inches
  73. what type of tie wire should you use to secure the fence fabric to the line post?
    nine guage
  74. footings or fence post should be deteremined by ___
    what the post is used for
  75. what should the diameter of post holes for posts required to be set in concrete?
    10 to 12 inches
  76. fences fabric should be 6 or 9 guage fabric with ___
    2 inch mesh openings
  77. when you are building fences where should you use tension wire?
    with fences without top raill
  78. extension arms should be able to handle 3 strands of barbed wire spaced ___
    6 inches apart
  79. when must maintenance be done on security fencing ?
    as needed
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