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  1. When operating the passenger bus, doing which activity could place your passengers in unnecessary danger?
    Moving the bus before passengers are seated.
  2. When positioning a staircase truck, how many feet away from the aircraft do you stop before adjusting the stairs to the desired height?
    10 Feet
  3. If you are maneuvering the mobile baggage conveyor, which feature causes you to allow more space for this action?
    The belt conveyor
  4. If you would like to operate the mobile baggage conveyor from inside the aircraft during loading operation, you should
    carry the proable forward control into the aircraft with you
  5. During an anit-hajacking inspection , when will you brief passengers that probibited carry on items must be placed in their check baggage or they wil be confiscated?
    When the passenger arrives at the security/ inspection area
  6. During an anti-hijacking inspection, when may passengers traveling on validated trooop movements carry loaded firearms
    When engaging an enemy force immediately after airdroppong or landing
  7. To ensure walk-through magnetometers are working properly, how often should you test them?
  8. Before passengers walk through magnetometers, they must
    empty their pockets into a small tray
  9. When an individual activates the walk through magnetometer twice, what action should you take
    screen them using the hand held metal detector
  10. To operate properly, most explosives detection devices require what before you use them
    calibration and a significant warm up
  11. What is one way to communicate nonverbally to your customers that you are professional, respectful, and can be relied upon for accurate and complete information
    Dressing and grooming yourself appropiately
  12. What can you do with your passengers to show you were listening and make sure you understood what they say to you?
    Paraphrase what they said
  13. You should check back with a customer after how many minutes when placing them on hold
    Two or three minutes
  14. the AMC form 253 and AMC IMT 19 are used for passengers to
    comment on the service they received while traveling within AMC
  15. When briefing passengers on travel restrictions, which documents will you ensure they possess if required
    Valid photo ID card, a leave form or pass, official military orders, a passport, visas, and vaccination record only
  16. When making a flight information announcement about a departing flight that has delayed, you should update passengers every
    20 minutes
  17. When making a roll call announcement, which information should you give passengers first?
    Your rank, name , mission number, and destination of the flight
  18. the first step when determining if a passenger is eligible to travel to check
  19. When checking the travel category to determine travel eligibility, one way dependents and family members are authorized to travel in space-required status when they are
    issued official travel orders under emergency leave conditions
  20. When verifying transportation authorizations for space-required passengers, what information should you check against the passengers ID card of someone who is traveling on PCS orders
    Name, grade, and social security number
  21. During the task of determining eligibility for space-available travel, where may a dependent of military member travel on emergency leave unfunded travel when accompanied by his or her sponsor
    CONUS to CONUS only
  22. During the task of determining eligibility for space-available travel, a retired uniformed service member may travel under
    Category VI
  23. A passenger can be categorized as a Blue Bark passenger when the passenger is
    traveling in conjunction with the death of a family member
  24. If a MEGP passenger wants to travel on a specific mission that departs at 0800 GMT, when is the latest time the MEGP can notify the ATOC of that intention?
    0500 GMT
  25. While updating and maintaing the space-available standby listing on 23 Apr 09, which passenger witht the following date and time of sign-up will you purge from the listing?
    22 Feb 09/ 0800
  26. While selecting passengers for a flight, which would you select first?
    Space-required passenger traveling on emergency orders to the emergency location
  27. While selecting passengers for a flight, which would you select first?
    Space-required, priority 1 passenger with a date and time of sign up of 1 May 09 at 0700
  28. If a space availbe passenger is not present for a roll call, you should
    skip the passengers name and continue with the selection process
  29. When preparing the DD form 2131 when individuals enter their name, grade, signature and date in the manifest certification blocks, they are certifying that
    anti-hijacking measures have been conducted
  30. When completing the AMC form 162 if you are offering two meals on the
    flight, what must you do to the number of TWCF snacks and beverages
    Double it
  31. When preparing the DD Form 2131 at a minimum , in how many copies will you complete and how are they distributed?
    Three copies, one accompanies the aircraft to its final destination, one for the station file records, and one to the aircrew.
  32. You are passing meal orders ot the in flight kitchen for a C-5 that departs at 1015. What is the latest time you can pass a tentative and final meal order
  33. When completing the AMC Form 162 from which two sources can you get the information to compute the toal amount of monies collected from the passengers
    The meal costs from the passengers AMC Form 148/2s or from each of the blocks in sections V of the AMC Form 162
  34. When determining meal charges for a passenger traveling in group status, the only time you will not charge a passenger for either a meal or snack meal is when the member is
    an enlisted group traveler in temporary duty status
  35. When determining head tax charges for passengers, in which of the following circumstances will you charge the tax?
    A space available passenger traveling on a commercial-contracted aircraft from McGuire Air Force Base, NJ, to Ramstein AB, Germany
  36. What is the first step in to determine pet shipping charges
    Determine the total pieces to charge
  37. What is the first step when turning in cash collections?
    Balance your cash drawer by taking out all the money you collected during your shift
  38. What must you do before forwarding the DD Form 1131 to finance for processing
    Print and attach a copy of the flight finacnial report to it
  39. What is the last step when giving a passenger a refund?
    Sign the boarding pass to show that you initiated the refund
  40. You are downloading passengers off a C-5. Which passenger would you allow to download first?
    A space available distinguished visitor traveling on ordinary leave
  41. A passenger originating out of your station on emergency leave was manifested on the 03R1 mission, which has been delayed. How many hours do you have to move that passenger
    24 hours
  42. A commercial contracted has been delayed for aircraft maintenance issues and won't be fixed until the next day. For which of the follwing will the carrier be responsible at no cost to the passengers
    Meals, lodging, and transportation only
  43. When manifesting passengers on a DD Form 231 how will you account for the passengers hand carried baggage on the manifest
    Write the hand carried weight in the column for hand carried weight
  44. When receiving baggage from a terminating flight in the baggage claim aread, you discover two unclaimed articles 30 minutes after the last passenger has claimed his or baggage. What is you next step?
    Mark them with the mission number andtransfer them to the lost and found section
  45. A passenger is presenting two pet for travel, but the boarder clearance documentatino for the animals does not meet the requirements. What is your next step?
    Place the passenger in the duty standby status until the pet is travel ready
  46. A passenger had just reported a mishandled bag to you and cannot provide the boarding pass or baggage claim checks. What is your next step?
    Cross- reference the passenger manifest to make sure the passenger was manifested on the flight
  47. You are preparing an AMC Form 134 for a damaged bag. Which of the following would represent a valid case number for a damaged bag?
  48. When you discover a found bag, what must you do before you secure the baggage?
    Present it to customs officials for clearance and refelct this action on the AMC Form 134
  49. You have determined who the owner is for a particular item and will need to send it to them as soon as possible. Which form will you use to accomplish this?
    AMC Form 57 and AMC form 70
  50. You sent a piece of RUSH baggage to Elmendorf AFb, Alaska, on 23 Apr 09 at 1400 and you have not received confirmation that they received a bag. When is the altest you should follow-up with them to receive confirmation.
    25 Apr 09 at 1400
  51. Which part of the MLR lists the eqquipment that will be needed to on or offload cargo and whether security guards are required for the load?
    Load/Unload Remarks
  52. Once you completed a mnaual AMC Form 77 a particular mission, before it is forwarded to the records, reports and analysis section the shift supervisor will
    review it for accuaracy and content and signs it
  53. When completing the AMC Form 77 times are recorded in
  54. What is the first step when giving a hazardous cargo briefing
    Preparing yourself by learning about the load
  55. After you've received the necessary cargo documents from load planning personnel, before delivering it to the aircraft you must
    make sure it is complete
  56. Which is not a function of capability forecasting
    Delivers documentation to and from the aircraft
  57. Capability forecasting personnel can request port-to-port explosives clearance no later than how many hours prior to mission departure time
  58. After reviewing AMC Form 56 section leadership will forward it to
    data records to consolidate and include in the 7107 report
  59. In the AMC Form 56 what do you do to annotate in the cargo rehandled blocks
    Cargo gross weight
  60. When completing the AMC Form 68 manually, when will the folder be closed out
    daily at 2400 GMT
  61. a shipper has called looking for a shipment, but your computers are down . How will you locate the shipment
    Conduct a physical search of the warehouse and cargo yard
  62. When conducting tracer action in the GATES, which information will you use to track cargo
    TCN or pallet ID
  63. You maintain transportaion doumentation. How long do you maintain the documents that pertain to military originating, terminating, and intrasit airlift?
    One current year plus one inactive fiscal year as a permanent at the base staging area
  64. When maintaining transportation documentation, a CFP is filed
    Julian date beginning with the start of the fiscal year.
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