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  1. Who can give you exception to prohibited interests?
    written approval from PC and conflicts of interest board
  2. If there is a question regardinf definition of superior officer for business or financial tranactions who is it refered to?
  3. When can UMOS use a cell phone?
    • 1) Meal
    • 2) Dept Business
    • 3) Comp. Authority
  4. What is the exception o seeling tickets by fraternal org of this Department which bear the words :Police Department City of NY" etc.?
    Approval of the Chief of IAB
  5. What level of injury do you need to shoot an animal?
    Physical Injury
  6. Where does CO acquire logo from to give UMOS for business cards?
  7. When are goatee's allowed?
    Only for approval by CO because of nature of assignment
  8. If an UMOS moves and violates the residency requirements who do you notify?
  9. Who does promotee give the uniform inspection checklist to on day of promotion?
    Personel Bureau member
  10. How is ownership interest defined?
    more than 5%, $32,000 or more (You, your spouse, or unemancipated child)
  11. How many grommets on a lace up shoe for Transit summer uniform?
  12. What is the exception to purchasing property knowing it was held in the custody of the Department?
    approval of CO
  13. What is the minimum and maximum for sock length for Transit summer uniform?
    min 3 inches max 5 inches
  14. What 2 things does the CO direct MOS to put on check of reimbursement for personal use of Department phone?
    • 1) number call was made from
    • 2)Date of billing statement
  15. Who can make exception for consuming intoxicants while on duty?
    Bureau Chief 203-06
  16. RN10-03 What approval is needed to be a volunteer outside city for a community board, non for profit corperation, volunteer fire department or similar?
  17. 203-03 When does CO check all Civilian MOS for warrants?
    January and July
  18. 203-03 If CO receives a list of MOS with driver's license issues from IAB, what does the CO do?
    • 1) Prohibit MOS from driving Department vehicle
    • and
    • 2) 49 to IAB's records section with investigation results and current status of license
  19. 203-24 If Personnel Orders Section Personnel Data unit does not receive signed hard copy of change of status request form from Ops Coordinator within what amount of time does Ops Coordinator have to resubmit?
    90 days
  20. 203-15 Who grgants permission for off duty UMOS to wear uniform outside NYC or off duty UMOS who want to carry thier firearm outside NY State?
    PC, 1st Dep, Chief of Department
  21. 203-18 Who can grant permission for a UMOS to work in borough task force if they live in borough?
    Borough Commander
  22. 203-17
    Where does UMOS concerned send a 49 to regarding fundraising events?
    Chief of IAB
  23. 203-03 Who does UMOS notify if thier license is suspended, revoked or not renewed?
  24. 203-16
    What are considered unacceptable gifts?
    Cash and personal gifts such as wristwatch
  25. 203-03
    When must CO check CMOS license who assigned to command?
    If CMOS is required to drive Department Car on January and July
  26. IO11.04
    When must a UMOS visiting and inmate submit a typeed letterhead to thier CO?
    7 days prior to visiting
  27. 203-24
    When do you verify via intranet that your personnel data is updated?
    1 month after you enter it in intranet
  28. 203-13
    What are the exceptions to buying city owned real property?
    Not thru negotiated sale (Auction) or Residential building 6 or less units
  29. 203-20IO39 2010 What is the exception to completing the "Locations during absence" section on 28?
    Military or leave without pay 30 calendar days or more
  30. 203-24 If Co receives notice from Personnel Bureau that an MOS change in status request did not go through, what must the CO do?
    Tell MOS to resubmit via intranet and give hard copy to Ops Coordinator
  31. 203-18 How long does a CMOS hired after 09/86 have to live in NYC?
    90 days
  32. 203-13 What are the exceptions to accepting testimonial award or thing of value to defray or reimbuse any fine or penalty or any reward for police service?
    • NYC suggestion Board
    • Dept recognition
    • From newspaper to your family for a brave or meritorious act
  33. IO37 2010 Where is a request to attend/participate in a non Department educational scholarship for 30 consecutive days go to?
    Chief of Personnel
  34. 203-06 Who can authorize the wearing any item of apparel with Department logo/shield?
    Uniform Equipment reveiw committee
  35. 203-14 To whose descretion is it to secure helmet either on duty belt or within sight and sound of scene?
  36. 203-10 When can a UMOS serve on a school board?
    Outisde of the city
  37. 203-10 When can a UMOS be a member of a political club?
    Outside command
  38. 203-06 Who can authorize the wearing of any item of apparel with department Logo/shield?
    Uniform Equipment Reveiw Committee
  39. 203-6 Who can authorize use of Department Logo?
  40. 203-13 Who can approve an acceptance of scholarships from a University?
    Reveiw by DCLM and approval of PC
  41. 203 Who must approve any apparel with Department logo or shield identifying its wearer with teh NYPD before a MOS can wear on or off duty?
    Uniform Equipment reveiw committee
  42. 203-19 What is the maximum number of vacation days a PO can carry over?
    17 days (3 weeks and 2 IVD's)
  43. 203 Who resolves questions regarding fees received for lectures, speeches etc?
    Chief oof Personnel
  44. 203-10 When are UMOS allowed to make political endorsements while on duty or in uniform?
    Exceptions made by PC
  45. 203-07 When is tobacco chewing and or gum chewing not permitted?
    in public and in uniform
  46. 203-18 Where do allegations of civilian MOS not living in city go to?
    Personnel Bureau's Investigative Unit
  47. 203-10 Under what circumstances may an MOS accept a position of "Public Trust" or civil emolument or get nominated to any elected office?
    • 1) If it is a community board
    • 2)Board of elections outside NYC
    • 3) On unpaid leave of absence with the Mayor's permission
  48. 203-14
    When can a UMOS have a position or an an ownership interest in a firm that does business with the city?
    When it is a publicly traded firm
  49. 203-14If you have an ownership interest prohibition how many days do you have to terminate or disclose?
    10 days
  50. 203 What must be done by the DO if an MOS enters locker room /dorm or bathroom utilized by hte opposite sex(except in emergencies)?
    DO must make an entry in command log with the time, date, and reason
  51. 20310 What locations must a sergeant suspend an MOS if they are present?
    • GDASS
    • Gambling
    • Drugs
    • After Hrs
    • Social Club
    • Smoke Shop
  52. 203-19 If you carry over 2 IVD's when must they be used by?
  53. 203-10 What are the exceptions for serving on a community board?
    • 1) Public safety committee of community board
    • 2)Voting on police matters in Community Board
  54. 203-05 Who must a UMOS notify when nleaving post and upon returning?
  55. 203-07 What dates can Transit PO's and Det's remove hats (not wear at all) when assigned to Patrol duties in subway?
    between June and October
  56. 203-21 How many copies of the updated integrity monitoring file are forwarded to overhead Bureau? When?
    3 copies on March 1st
  57. 203-16 Regarding acceptance of gifts, CO will reveiw what in addition to reveiwing the circumstances regarding the offering of the gift?
    Dept Board of Ethics ruling in Command Reference Library
  58. 203-16 If gift is offered by a person/firm which is or intends to engage in business dealing with the City of NY what does CO concerned reveiw?
    City Cahrter Section 2604(b)5 to ensure there is no conflict of interest
  59. 203-16 When should CO request a Board of Ethics ruling regarding circumstances of reward offerings?
    When they are peculiar in nature and not reflected in current ruling
  60. 203-16 When does CO send report to Chief of IAB regarding acceptance of gifts?
    When any MOS receives 2 or more gifts within a calendar year
  61. 203-17 How long after a fund raising event does CO forward a 49 to Chief of IAB accounting of funds collected and disbursed?
    Within 30 days
  62. 203-19 How will vacations for UMOS assigned to other than uniformed patrol commands be granted?
    By discretion of the CO (12% limit will be adhered to if possible)
  63. 203-20 When can an MOS request an E-day from DO?
    MOS may only request an E-day during the interval between the members last tour of duty performed and the start of their next scheduled tour
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