Honour and Fleming - Images chapter 10 (2)

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    Domenico Ghirlandaio, Sassetti family chapel, 1479-86. S. Trinità, Florence.
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    Filippino Lippi, Strozzi family chapel, begun 1487. S Maria Novella, Florence.
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    Florentine School, a cassone or large chest, c. 1460. Overal 2,05m long. Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Copenhagen.
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    Sandro Botticelli, La Primavera, c. 1478. Tempera on panel, 2×3,15m. Uffizi, Florence.
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    The Rose Tapestry, detail of French or Flemish tapestry, c. 1435-40. Wool, total height 2,9m. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
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    Francesco del Cossa, Month of March, 1469-70. Fresco, Palazzo Schifanoia, Ferrara.
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    Andrea Mantegna, St. Sebastian, c. 1460. Oil on panel, 68×30cm. Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
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    Giovanni Bellini, S Giobbe Altarpiece, c. 1485. Oil on panel, 4,67×2,54m. Gallerie dell'Academia, Venice.
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    Giovanni Bellini, Madonna of the Meadow, c. 1505. Oil on canvas (transferred from panel), 67×86cm. National Gallery, London.
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    Gentile Bellini, Procession in the Piazza S Marco, 1496. Tempera on canvas, 3,69×7,45m, Academia, Venice.
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    Vittore Carpaccio, Healing of a Possesed Man by the patriarch of Grado, 1494. Oil on canvas, 3,65×3,89m. Accademia, Venice.
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    Maiolica plate, Deruta or Faenza, c. 1476. Victoria&Albert Museum, London.
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    Oratory of the Scuola di S Giorgio degli Schiavoni, Venice, with paintings by Carpaccio, c. 1502-7.
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    Albrecht Dürer, St Eustace, 1501. Engraving, 35×26cm. British Museum, London.
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    Albrecht Dürer, Self Portrait, 1493. Pen and brown ink on paper, 27,6×20cm. Metropolitan Museum of art, New York.
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    Albrecht Dürer, Self portrait, 1500. Oil on panel 67×49cm . Alte Pinakothek, Munich.
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