Psychology Definitions #6

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  1. Voluntary behaviour
    Behaviour that is under our conscious control
  2. Motor cortex
    The part of the cerebral cortex responsible for organising motor control
  3. Autonomic nervous system
    Part of the nervous system responsible for exerting action on the internal environment, for example through smooth muscle
  4. Cardiac muscle
    Muscle in the wall of the heart responsible for its activity
  5. Nomothetic approach
    Builds testable theories that apply universally
  6. Idiographic approach
    Studies individuals in depth and one at a time without generalising
  7. Individual approaches research
    Identifies widely applicable dimensions of personality and other psychological abilities on which individuals scores can be placed and compared with population norms
  8. Psychometrics
    Measures individual differences using tests constructed to high standards of reliability and validity
  9. Trait dimensions
    Adjectival descriptions of people that are expressed as bipolar dimensions
  10. Personality traits
    Adjectives that describe enduring characteristics of people
  11. Personality dimensions
    Major bipolar features of personality that are widely applicable to people and form the structure of personality
  12. Implicit personality theories
    Lay theories about personality that people use to attribute motives and to describe themselves and others
  13. Trait and state
    Differentiates personality traits that persist over time from mood states that are transient and more dependent on situations
  14. Trait clusters
    Personality traits in individuals that have been found commonly to group together
  15. Surface traits
    Ordinary language descriptors of personality that encompass what people do and express
  16. Higher order traits
    Personality traits that encompass clusters of surface traits
  17. Trait theories of personality
    Theory proposing a hierarchical structure for personality built from traits and clusters of traits
  18. Lexical hypothesis
    Personality descriptors in ordinary language relate in a meaningful way to personality as encountered in everyday life
  19. Factors
    Technical term for empirically established personality dimensions
  20. Factor analysis
    Statistical technique for establishing personality dimensions
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