AP World- Ch. 5 Vocab

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  1. Axum
    a rival kingdom of Kush that defeated it in 300 b.c.e
  2. Ethiopia
    A Christian kingdom that developed in the highlands of Eastern Africa under the dynasty of King Lalaibela; retained Christiany in the face of Muslim expansion elsewhere in Africa
  3. Silk Roads
    The most famous of the trading routes established by pastoral nomads connecting the European, Indian, and Chinese civilizations; transmitted goods and ideas among civilizations
  4. Shintoism
    religion of Early Japanese culture; polytheistic; offers of food and prayers to gods and spirits of nature
  5. Olmec culture
    Cultural tradition that arose in Mexico c. 1200 b.c.e; featured irrigated agriculture, urbanism, elaborate religion, beginnings of calendrical and writing systems
  6. Teotihuacan
    Site of classical culture in central Mexico; urban center with important religious functions; supported by intensive agriculture
  7. Maya
    classic culture emerging in southern Mexico and Central America contemporary with Teotihuacan
  8. Inca
    Group of clan centered at Cuzco that were able to create empire incorporating various Andean cultures; term used also for leader of empire
  9. Polynesian
    islands in a roughly a triangle between Hawaii, Easter Island, and New Zealand
  10. Sui
    succeeded the Han dynasty; emerged from strong rulers in northern China; united all of Northern China and reconquered the South
  11. Tang
    succeeded the Sui Dynasty in 618 b.c.e; more stable than the pervious Islam
  12. Allah
    Islam prophet/god
  13. Byzantine Empire
    Eastern half of Roman Empire following collapses of western half of old empire; retained Mediterranean culture, particularly Greek
  14. Justinian
    Eastern Roman emperor between 527 and 565 c.e.; tried to restore unity of old Roman Empire; issued most famous compilation of Roman law
  15. Augustine
    influential church father and theologian; born in Africa and ultimately Bishop of Hippo in Africa. Champion of Christian doctrine against various heresies and very important on Christian thought on such issues as predestination
  16. Coptic
    split north African Christianity producing this church in Egypt
  17. Bodhisattvas
    Buddhist holy men; built up spiritual merits during their lifetime; prayers after death could aid people to achieve reflected holiness
  18. Mahayana
    Chinese version of Buddhism with Buddha as god or savior
  19. Jesus of Nazareth
    prophet and teacher among the Jews, believed by Christians to be the Messiah, executed in 30 c.e
  20. Paul
    One of the 1st Christian missionaries, moved away from it following Jewish law; used Greek as church language
  21. Pope
    Bishop of Rome, head of Christian church
  22. Benedict of Nursia
    founder of monasticism in what has been the western half of the Roman Empire; established benediction rule in the 6th century
  23. Animism
    belief that non-human entities are spiritual beings
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