English Lord of the Flies, Vocab part 2: chapters 5-12

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English Lord of the Flies, Vocab part 2: chapters 5-12
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English Lord Flies Vocab part chapters 12

English Lord of the Flies, Vocab part 2: chapters 5-12
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  1. Apex
    N - Tip, point, peak
  2. Indignantly
    ADV - In a way that expresses displeasure at something offensive or insulting
  3. Effigy
    N - A representation or image, often crude or unflattering
  4. Perilous
    ADJ - Full of peril; dangerous, hazardous
  5. Inarticulate
    ADJ - Unable to properly express oneself
  6. Incantation
    N - Chanting or uttering of words
  7. Interminable
    ADJ - Not ending; unceasing, constant
  8. Contemptuously
    ADV - In a way that expresses contempt or disdain; scornful
  9. Incredulity
    N - The quality or state of not believing; unwillingness to believe
  10. Diffidently
    ADV - In a timid, shy, reserved way
  11. Leviathan
    N - huge marine animal
  12. Mutinously
    ADV - characterized by mutiny/rebellion
  13. Ruefully
    ADV - In a way that causes sorrow or pity; pitiable
  14. Crestfallen
    ADJ - defjected, discouraged
  15. Infuriatingly
    ADV - Showing anger, outrage
  16. Prefect
    N - a person appointed to a position of command
  17. Derisive
    ADJ - mocking
  18. Aimless
    ADJ - without aim; purposelesss
  19. Blundered
    V - to move or act blindly or without direction or specific purpose
  20. Glowered
    V - Scowled; to look or stare angrily
  21. Festooned
    V - Draped like a chain of flowers or ribbon
  22. Corpulent
    ADJ - Bulky, stout
  23. Parody
    N - A humorous or satirical imitation
  24. Phosphorescence
    N - Ongoing emission of light
  25. Purge
    V - To clean or get free of something
  26. Emphatically
    ADV - Using emphasis in a way that makes something significant
  27. Luminous
    ADJ - shining, bright
  28. Propitiate
    V - to appease
  29. Truculent
    ADJ - savage, aggressive, brutal
  30. Ludicrous
    ADJ - irrational, ridiculous, crazy
  31. Delirious
    ADJ - frenzied excitement, disoriented
  32. Talisman
    N - symbol, charm, someone believes it has power
  33. Antiphonal
    ADJ - Responding in turns
  34. Obscure
    Random or unknown
  35. Cynically
    ADV - Pessimistically, negatively; in a way that shows distrust of the motives of others
  36. Ensconce
    To settle firmly or snuggly
  37. Elephantine
    Huge, ponderous, clumsy

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