Lesson 13 Vocabulary

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  1. allure
    to influence, sway, or entice with some tempting appeal
  2. apathy
    a lack of concern or feeling, indifference
  3. auspicious
  4. caricature
    a portrayal where features are distorted , a parody
  5. cordial
    courteous and gracious; friendly ; warm
  6. cosmopolitan
    dealing wiht the whole world
  7. deplore
    to regret deeply or strongly; to feel or to express deep grief fro
  8. discrepant
    disagreeing, inconsistent
  9. ecstasy
    extreme happiness
  10. empathy
    understanding or identification with another's feelings or situation
  11. equivocal
    ambiguous (usually intended to mislead )
  12. expeditious
    done with speed and efficiency
  13. galvanize
    to stimulate or to excite as if by an electric shock
  14. implacable
    incapable of being appeased
  15. inimitable
    not able to be imitated
  16. mutability
    the degree to which something is subject and likely to change
  17. odious
    deserving hate or contempt
  18. parochial
    limited in range or scope, narrow, provincial
  19. ponderous
    very heavy, unwieldy from weight
  20. protract
    to prolong
  21. replete
    filled to capacity, abundantly supplied
  22. soporific
    something that tends to cause sleep and to dull awareness or alertness
  23. penchant
    a strong inclination
  24. strident
    loud and harsh sounding
  25. trechery
    violation of faith; betrayal of trust ; treason
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