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  1. Visual Capture
    the tendancy for vision to dominate all other senses
  2. Gestalt
    • parts of the organized whole
    • descriped principles by which we organize perception from sensation
  3. Figure-Ground
    the organization of the visual field into objects (figures) and the background surroundings (ground)
  4. Grouping
    • the perceptual tendancy to organize stumili into coherant groups. these groups include
    • proximity
    • similarity
    • continuity
    • connectedness
    • closure
  5. Depth Perception
    the ability to see objects in 3 dimensions although the images that strike the retina ate 2D
  6. Visual Cliff
    a lab experiment used to determine infant's abilities to percieve depth
  7. Binocular Cues
    • indications of depth that require 2 eyes to detect
    • Retinal Disparity
    • Convergence
  8. Retinal Disparity
    • perciving 2 different images form each eye, and the bigger the difference btw the 2, the closer they are
    • binocular cue
  9. Convergence
    • the extent to which the eyes converge inward when looking at an object
    • the greater the strain, the closer the object
    • binocular cue
  10. Monocular cues
    • indications of depth that only require one eye
    • relative size
    • relative clarity
    • interposition
    • texture gradient
    • relative height
  11. Phi Phenomenon
    an illusion of movement created when 2 or more adjacent lights blink on and off in quick succession
  12. Perceptual consistency
    perciveing objects as unchanging even as stimulation and retinal images change
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Perceptual Organization

how we organize our perceptions
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