lesson 9 vocab

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  1. Cautionary
    adj. Offering or serving as a warning.
  2. Constrain
    • v. To confine, inhibit, or hold back by force or necessity.
    • contraint n. a restriction or limitation.
  3. Flotilla
    n. a fleet of small boats or ships
  4. Gossamer
    • n. A thin sheer fabric resembling gauze.
    • adj. As light and delicate as a cobwebb
  5. Ignominious
    adj. Marked by, deserving, or causing shame or disgrace
  6. Incur
    v. To bring apon one's self something undesirable, such as debt.
  7. Liquidate
    v. to settle the affairs of business; to convert into cash
  8. Magnate
    n. an important, often wealthy, person prominent in a large industry or business
  9. Misnomer
    n. a name that dose not fit
  10. Onerous
    adj. burdensome; oppressive
  11. Pandemonium
    n. a state or place of great confusion or uproar
  12. Quixotic
    adj. Romantic and idealistic, but impractical
  13. Tenacious
    adj. Holding fast; presistent in adhering to something valued or habitual.
  14. Vestige
    n. A trace of something that was once present
  15. Zephyr
    n. A light gentle brezze
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