Herbs II

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  1. Jin Yin Hua
    • Clear Heat & Toxins.
    • Relieve Exterior Wind Heat-Cook Short
    • Clear Heat in the Wei & Qi Levels-Cook Longer
    • *Clear damp heat in the lower burner.
    • *Relieve summer heat, toxic heat, Skin Problems
    • *TX: Toxic heat & Wind heat.
    • Its the Yin of Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian (Yin Qiao San).

  2. Ren Dong Teng
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • Relieve Exterior Wind Heat
    • Dispel Wind Damp - Opens Channels
    • TX: Usually only used to Tx Wind Damp Bi Syndrome/Arthritis - *Toxic Heat Sores.
  3. Lian Qiao
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • Relieve Exterior Wind Heat
    • Clear Heat in Wei & Qi Levels
    • Cool Blood
    • TX: Hot Toxic Sores & Carbunkles, Wind Heat/Common Cold, Heart Heat
    • Its the Qiao of Yin Qiao Jie Du Pian.
  4. Da Qing Ye

    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • Clear Heat in Qi & Blood Levels
    • TX: Febrile Diseases, Epidemic Diseases, Heat in the Blood, *1 of the Main Herbs to treat AIDS.
    • Usually used together with Ban Lan Gen.
  5. Ban Lan Gen
    • Clear Heat & Toxins, especially upper body
    • Cdear Heat in Qi & Blood Levels
    • Soothe Throat
    • TX: Febrile Disease, Febrile Epidemics, Painful, Swollen, Sore Throat, *Upper Respritory Infections, *AIDS.
    • *1 of the strongest Antiviral/Antibacterial Herbs in CHM, usually combined with Da Qing Ye.
  6. Pu Gong Ying
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • Dispel Damp
    • TX: Hot Diseases, especially with Liver Fire,
    • firm & hard - Deep Rooted Toxic Boils, Mastitis & Breast Abcesses, Breast Cancer, Subcutaneous Fatty Tumors Damp Heat Janundice & Hepatitis.
    • Doesn't damage Stomach Qi as much as most herbs in this catagory.
  7. Zi Hua Di Ding
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • TX: Hot Swellings, especially eyes, throat, ears
    • *Boils, Carbuncles *Snake Bite *Breast Abscesses
    • Especially good for Toxic Heat of eyes, throat, ears & Toxic Skin Problems on head & neck.
  8. Bai Jiang Cao
    • Clear Toxic Damp Heat, Move Blood, Dispel Pus
    • TX: *1of the main herbs for Appendicitis, Mostly used for Stomach, Intestinal, Liver & Pancreas Abscesses, Internal Fire Toxins, Toxic Skin Problems
    • Postpartum & Postoperative Pain , Dysmenorrhea.
    • *1 herb for Appendicitis.
  9. Yu Xing Cao
    • Clear Heat & Toxins, especially Lung Heat
    • TX: Lung Heat, Abscesses, Infections
    • * Important herb for Lung Infections
  10. Chuan Xin Lian
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • TX: Lung Heat, Asthma, Hot Skin Sores, Cancer
    • Especially good for sores and abscesses & LU heat.
  11. Bai Hua She She Cao
    • Clear Heat & Toxins, Reduces Swelling
    • TX: *Cancer especially Liver, Stomach, Esophagus, GI, Genitourinary, Damp Heat Hepatitis & Jaundice, Toxic Sores, Antidote for a specific pit viper snake bite
    • 1 of the main herbs to Tx Cancer.
  12. Bai Tou Weng
    • Clear Heat & Toxins, especially Lower Jiao
    • TX: Damp Heat in the Stomach or Intestines, Itchy Leukorrhea, * #1 herb to treat damp heat dysentery, Good to lower WBC.
  13. Ya Dan Zi
    • Clear Heat & Toxins
    • TX: Dysentery, especially Amoebic, Topically for Warts,
    • *Especially good for Warts.
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