ASL Ch. 4

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  1. Apple
  2. Bacon
  3. Bake
    dominant 'open B' palm up, move under nondominant 'open B' palm down
  4. Banana
  5. Boil
  6. Bread
    dominant 'angled hand' fingertips brush down back of nondominant 'angled hand,' double motion
  7. Breakfast
    'B' tab side of mouth, double motion
  8. Butter
  9. Cabbage
  10. Cheese
    'open B's,' press dominant heel of hand onto nondominant heel of hand, double motion
  11. Chicken
    "beak" at mouth, open and close, then scratch nondominant palm with 'bent V'
  12. Coffee
    two 'S's' dominant hand mimes grinding coffee
  13. Cook (verb)
    'open B,' place palm on nondominant 'open B' palm and flip over
  14. Cook (person)
    sign "cook" plus agent suffix
  15. Cookie
  16. Corn
    place 'index' under lower lip and twist, double motion, move left
  17. Cracker
    dominant 'S' hits nondominant elbow
  18. Cream
    dominant 'C' mim skipping off cream from nondominant 'open B,' palms up
  19. Dessert
    two 'D's,' palm to palm, tap, double motion
  20. Dinner
    'D,' tap side of mouth, double motion
  21. Drink
  22. Drink (alcohol)
  23. Eat
    'bud,' tips of fingers tap chin, double motion
  24. Egg
  25. Fish
    'open B,' palm to side, wiggle forward
  26. Food
    sign "eat"
  27. Gravy
  28. Hamburger
  29. Hungry
    'C' on chest, palm in, move downt o stomach area once
  30. Ice cream
    mime licking an ice cream cone
  31. Jelly
    'J,' brush pinky on nondominant palm twice
  32. Ketchup
  33. Lettuce
  34. Lunch
    'L,' tap side of mouth, double motion
  35. Mayonnaise
    sign "white" plus "butter" or spell M-A-Y-O
  36. Meat
  37. Milk
    'clawed 5' to 'S,' double motion
  38. Mustard
    sign "yellow" plus "butter"
  39. Onion
  40. Orange
    'C' to 'S' at mouth, double motion
  41. Oven
    sign "bake" with double motion
  42. Peach
    'open bud' moves to closed 'bud' touching dominant cheek
  43. Peanut
  44. Peanut butter
  45. Pepper
    sign "black," then with 'F' mime shaking shaker, or shake a 'P'
  46. Pie
    on nondominant 'open B,' palm up, use edge of dominant 'open B' to mime cutting a piece of pie
  47. Pizza
    'angled hand,' tips at mouth, double motion, or spell Z-Z-A
  48. Potato
    with dominant 'bent V,' tap back of nondominant 'S,' double motion
  49. Pumpkin
    sign "yellow," then tap back of nondominant 'S' with flicked 'open 8,' double motion
  50. Salt
    tap nondominant 'U' fingers, palm down with alternating index and middle fingers of dominant hand
  51. Salt and pepper
    nondominant palm to side, tap with dominant 'S' then 'P'
  52. Sandwich
    'angled hands,' palms down, one across other, move toward mouth, double motion
  53. Sausage
    alternate 'S' and 'C' with both hands, moving in opposite directions
  54. Soda (1)
    back of dominant thumb of 'open A' touches one side of chin and then the other
  55. Soda (2)
    place middle finger of dominant hand in a nondominant 'O' and then dominant 'open B' on top of nondominante 'O'
  56. Soup
    move dominant 'U' from nondominant palm to mouth
  57. Spaghetti
    two 'I's,' palms in, move in opposing circles
  58. Strawberry
    "9" dominant hand at mouth, open fingers up, twist down and pull away
  59. Sugar
    'U,' brush down chin, double motion
  60. Supper
    's,' tap side of mouth, double motion
  61. Swallow
    'index,' palm to side, from neutral space, move down, paralleling throat length
  62. Sweet
    'open b,' brush down bottom lip
  63. Tea
    dominant "9," palm down, dunk into nondominant 'C,' double motion
  64. Thirsty
    'index,' palm in touch and move down throat
  65. Toast
    nondominant 'open B,' dominant 'bent V' forks both sides of nondominant hand
  66. Tomato
    sign "red," (index touches lip) then slice side of nondominant 'S' with 'index,' palms down
  67. Water
    'W,' tap chin, double motion
  68. Watermelon
    thump back of 'S' with middle finger flicking from dominant '8'
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