Muscular System

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  1. Voluntary muscles are the msucles you can.....
  2. The calf is also known as the
  3. The rectus femoris and the hamstring are known as...
    muscle partners
  4. The disease in young children that produced a gradual, progressive deterioration of msucles is called....
    muscular dystrophy
  5. a tear in the muscle layer of the adomen which allows the intestine to press through and called a bulge is called....
  6. a muscle that lengthens a joint is called a(n)....
  7. we refer to the shortening of a muscle is known as...
  8. if the biceps contract the tricep muscle will....
  9. stretching exercise can increase.....
  10. the type of muscles that is concered with the movements of the internal organs are called.....
    smooth muscles
  11. muscle fatique is caused by a build up of ....
    lactic acid
  12. The strongest muscle in your body is the ....
    the heart
  13. a wieghtlifters muscles are....
  14. The tibialis anterior's muscle partner is the.....
    the gastrocenemius
  15. why must muscles work in pairs?
    because they can only move in one direction
  16. The function of the bicep
    it serves as a flexor and bends forearm
  17. The function of the tricep
    it serves as an extensior and straightens the forearm
  18. The purpose of the rectus femoris
    it extends and straightens the lower leg
  19. The purpose of the bicep femoris
    it serves as a flexor and pulls back lower back
  20. The purpose of the flexor of the hand
    it serves as a flexor and closes the hand
  21. The purpose of the extensor of the hand
    it serves as an extensor and opens the hand
  22. the purpose of the flexor of the feet
    it serves as a flexor and raises the feet
  23. the purpose of the gastrocemius
    it serves as an extensor and points the foot down
  24. deltoid
    your shoulder msucle
  25. trapezius
    the muscle that helps suport your neck, it gives you that v shape near your neck
  26. tendon
    a cord of tissue that conncects a bone to another part
  27. shin splints
    a thing that makes your shins hurt
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