words of the week #6

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  1. propoganda
    1. a political strategy used to purposely convince someone of a particular point of view
  2. Patriot
    1.someone who is loyal to the 13 colonies and wants independence from England
  3. loyalist
    someone who supports the Parliament and King of England.
  4. Tory or Tories
    someone who belong to a political party loyal to the King of England.
  5. Democracy
    a political idea that indicates citizens elect their government officials- TheUnited States of America is a democracy.
  6. autocracy
    a form of government that one person has complete control of the government—Some would say North Korea is an autocracy.
  7. Theocracy
    a government led by a religious leader or group of religious leaders.----- Iran is a theocracy.
  8. US Constitution
    explains the rules and roles of the federal government.
  9. Ratify
    to vote for a law to become official
  10. Repeal
    when you change an existing law
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